A woman does what a woman does best

Class this morning starts at 8.45 am and I am unable to reach there on time. Already pre-informed the lecturer as I cannot be earlier as I need to drop my son at the opposite direction and brave the morning office hours jam to get to Tanjung Bungah.

So, there was no breakfast for me except a teaspoon of coffee powder and a two teaspoons of sugar I steal from the college pantry during our 10 minutes breaktime.

By 10.30 am, class finished and I was sooooo hungryyyyy……Since I have over an hour to kill before I pick my son, I went to Gurney Plaza. Food should have been my first priority. But noooo…..I walked into Parkson Grand and came out one hour later, no food. Only RM300 in clothes and a bag. I bought a Liz Clairborne bag because it has the initials L.C. Stands for Lilian Chan, Lan ciao, Lan Ci or whatever you like to call. Scary right, RM300 in less than an hour. My poor hubby also not earning RM300 per hour.

Shopping has made me full. So, I drove to Green Lane to pick my son. And he wanted to go to buy a water bottle as his was broken. He wants to go to Gurney Plaza. So, back to Gurney Plaza we went.

We had lunch at the lousy Chili because I was really, really hungry and Chili’s big portion and free meals for kid sounds like a good deal. I told the Chili’s staff who came to my table to find out if my meal is good that Chili is too paranoid. They have managed to piss me a few times before so everytime I go, I am sure to find something to piss them back.

First, they are so blardy lansi with their sign that only a complete table will be seated, i.e. if you are going in a group of 10 people, if only 8 of you have arrived, they are not giving you a table yet. KNN, what a blardy stuck up. Next, there was a sign that says ‘The management is not responsible for any lost thing.’ I pointed out to the staff that is one paranoid disclaimer, so big and prominent at their door. KNN, kena sue how many times before eh? The staff told me someone lost his thing while at the Chili’s pub in KL and so they have this sign.

Then, in the menu, they put a food poisoning disclaimer. On the steaks and lambs menu, they reminded people that if they opted for medium rare or rare steaks, and if they get food poisoning, they are responsible. KNN, so scared don’t sell steaks lah. CCB, where got restaurants so paranoid of legal cases one? Something must be wrong with their own operations, isn’t it? Niamah. Then, there is the no outside foods warning. The last time we went, my son was holding a half-eaten popcorn and they wanted to throw us out of the restaurant. I hope they close shop soon.

Anyway, after lunch, both kid and I went shopping again. He got a huge box of Lego at RM300+ less 40% because mommy had bought too many things today. It is just to allay her guilt. Lucky kid. No wonder he loves me more than anyone else.

And I think psychology class is bad for me because I learned that it is bad for us to deny ourselves of our needs. Since I haven’t been spending money much these last few months, (laptop and video camera not counted one, ok?) I have to compensate. And compensate I did. With one pair of shoes, one handbag, a jeans, a pair of sunglasses and six blouses and t-shirt…..

I better go and cook nice nice dinner for the paymaster and serve him while fluttering eyelashes…”Dear…here are the credit card slips I zapped today. Did you have a good day at work?”

4 thoughts on “A woman does what a woman does best

  1. You mean you got “one pair of shoes, one handbag, a jeans, a pair of sunglasses and six blouses and t-shirt…..” all for RM300? Gurney got BIG SALE issit?

  2. Domino – No lah, first round RM300, in one hour. Second round, 2 hours, I dare not say how much but more than RM1K LOL. I dare not count the credit card slips also. Hahaha.

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