Another project brought to you by Barisan Nasional…

Penangites, you got to see this video and see the ‘Yet another project brought to you by Barisan Nasional….’. Please share it with your friends so they know what kind things BN did for the Penang state. From what we gathered, the project was during Koh Tsu Koon/Hilmi Yahya’s administration. Now, the project is left abandoned because according to sources, the contractor who was awarded the contract has disappeared and the sub-con has no money to continue the project.

Just look at the horrific stretch of road, the pillars and the dangerous ravines. CJ Jimmy Leow rode a scooter to film some of the roads and he told me he was tailed by two vehicles. Therefore, he has no time to take off his helmet but cepat-cepat hold the camera and shoot the clips.

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  1. Interestingly, a search for the contractor (Bulkers Corporation S.B.) turns up no records on the internet. No website. No contact info for the office at Jln. Tun Dr.Awang, Bayan Lepas. And no record/news of past projects.

    There is another Bulkers Corporation S.B., but they’re located in Lebuh McCallum. They deal in fertilizer. Wonder if they’re the same?

    One asks why such a major engineering project was given to an unknown company? Shouldn’t it be awarded to people with expertise like Gamuda, IJM, or UEM?

    Even the construction doesn’t look convincing. If they even get to finish it, it’ll probably stand for a couple of years before crashing down from a landslide, weight of traffic, or strong wind… taking many lives with it. With the unfinished state of the project… soil exposed, half-built retaining walls etc., anyway… we can expect a landslide soon.

    Here’s another opportunity for Guan Eng to fillet Tsu Koon with…

  2. BrightEyes – Oh ya…we are going to ask BN ADun about it. We had asked PKR MP Yusmadi and get some answers. Then, we are going to get the CM’s response as well. Jimmy had done a great (but risky job) of filming the highway from the ground. Without this video, I couldn’t visualise the magnitude of it cos the other day, we filmed from the car and also from Bukit Genting and all we see are disjointed giant pillars.

  3. A few months ago I had to use this road to and from Balik Pulau because the new road kena landslide. I had not used this way for a long, long time.I was shocked to see the condition of this road.There were lots of erosion on the road sides and I had to maneuver around the pillars and boulders etc…

    I can imagine those who have to use this road daily. It’s a nightmare!

  4. Ms.Chan..can get someone to fix the road infront of Union High School? It’s terrible…feels like riding a horse everytime i uses the road…How can a TAR ROAD be in this kind of condition after just a downpour few weeks ago? Probably the contractor only get a fraction of the whole budget for the road..

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  5. eve – I was told that this video has been given to the MPPP chief but I really cannot understand why they are taking so long! I pass by this stretch three times a week now and it is getting worse. I saw some reporters taking photos after I posted my video.

  6. my colleague told me after watching this video that, the single lane traffic is controlled manually..Meaning to say, they hire some bangla to be station there 24/7 to mane the traffic…so dangerous!!

    Eve´s last blog post..Cast a spell and bring me away!

  7. Eve – According to the Member of Parliament, his asst. checked with the police and road accidents increased a lot. And Jimmy did interviewed the Bangladeshi flag-gers LOL. But Jimmy didn’t put it up cos I guess he doesn’t want the Bangladeshis get into trouble with their bosses. However, they did say, “ya, jaga hari-hari, lebih satu tahun”. These poor fellas sure one day absent-mindedly put two green flags cos human errors sure happen. Haih…..the idiosyncrasies of BN.

  8. the base so thin, is it really safe to use as highway? i wonder if it really can support the weight of those heavy vehicles? i wouldn’t want to use it even if it’s done…looks to me like ‘tau kong kam liu’ (cantonese)

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