“I tell you…if you get into trouble with your school, I am not going to bail you out. Unless of course, it is your handsome headmaster who wants to see the mother. Otherwise, you sendiri tanggung.”


“Ma!!!!!! Why lah you give birth to me with so many moles on my scalp!?!?!?!?!”

“Shaddap already, you better thank God I gave birth to both of you with such rounded heads. You know how hard it is to take care of babies so that their heads are rounded like yours?”

“Eh, dear….you also go bald lah….But hor, you cannot, your head flattened at the back. Your mader not so skillful like my mader, jaga my head and my sons’ head so round.”

“Ma, you also go botak lah.”

“Can…..if someone donates RM50K to a charity body, I sure do it. You think I chicken one meh???????”

“Ma, you go post it up and ask your blog readers to pledge lah.”

“Cannot, RM50K where got people so crazy lah. But maybe RM5K I can easily raise lah.”

So how? I go bald also, how much you want to donate to a charity of your choice?

6 thoughts on “Kojaks

  1. wah… u save a lot on hair cuts leh. recently I also cut to abt 1cm long…
    just to try it out while I still have rambut-rambut.
    shiok man…no need to comb, use less shampoo…environmental friendly n save money too.

  2. Wanted to ask #2 thru Facebook, but since here got clearer picture, then might as well ask the mom directly here – why suddenly your sons become Shaolin monks? Wesak day celebration? 😛

    David C.´s last blog post..A Quick Silverish Snippet

  3. David C – Inspired by Father Henry! Signs of vocation calling. Hahahaha. No lah, they are just doing it because they think it is fun and different.

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