My working place for the next three hours. I have a long list of paid posts to do. One USD5 can pay for my breakfast and unlimited coffee, so I will probably have a slice of my favourite Opera Cake.


Will rant about my bruised ego after I finished my breakfast.

(sambung cerita)
On Wesak Day, I met two ex-colleagues. One of them is Cindy whom was my colleague from the legal firm I was working when I was 20. Cindy and I had so much fun, we can hardly call that working. The two of us were bullied by our lawyer Teoh a cow to work OT till morning and that asshole never paid our EPF! But we had one nice Mr. Robert the chief clerk who often took us two girls for lunch so it was bearable lah. Cindy saw me first and for a moment, I cannot recall who she is until my memory jolted me to Kiki Bubblegum Baru and Saya Charlie Chickadee. Cindy is the livewire and she even ‘poisoned’ Messr. Teoh a cow clients with too much sugar in the coffee until the liquid saturated. That’s for bullying us to work till past midnight and not paying us OT. She would answer the phone by making cartoon voices of Kiki Bubblegum and Chickadee. You have to come from my era to know what those jingles are like. So, yeah, we had so much fun but we went our separate ways for better pastures. Swearing never to work for lawyers again.

Then, at another Buddhist temple, I bumped into a sales manager. This chap has his last finger’s nail really long. He wore jade rings. He could never keep his shirts tucked in long enough and I guess you have visions of Phua Chu Kang, right? He is really loud and brash. But he has blood relations to the big boss so we are rather friends back in my previous company. He knows not to mess with his blood relation boss’s secretary because like his own words, ‘lu kong chit sneah, ka liao lang si liao’ (one word from me, everyone is dead).

And he asked me so loud at the temple. “LU KOH CHO HOUSEWIFE AH?” I was setting up my tripod, attaching my video camera to it, adjusting the WB, aperture and getting the frame right and the whole world knows I am ‘still doing housewife’.

That’s what made me jumped out of my ‘I am going to be a tomboy and wear only my jeans and t-shirts and no make-up’ mode. No wonder I burned RM1K on shopping yesterday. Just to nurse my ego back. Ammah….I don’t want to ‘Do housewife’ because it sounds like I get laid by the house, get farked by the house, go down on all fours to scrub the house floor, sweat in my batik nightdress polishing the house windows……Mr. Sales Manager, I should have told the boss to screw you when you gave too much discounts to the customers. Niamah……Can you feel my pains?