I went to GP just now to exchange a water bottle I bought yesterday. And I saw a woman with crew cut and wowzer….I like! I think I am going to get a really, really short, spiky hair tomorrow. I am writing this down so that I don’t chicken out tomorrow. Peeples, remind me if I do!

So, hubby and I were alone in the car (just so that people know that I am not talking xxx things in front of the kids, ok?) and I was still thinking of that woman with the crew cut.

“Eh, dear…tomorrow, I am going to get myself a crew cut like one woman I saw just now. But hor…what if people think your wife has turned into a lesbian when I go out with my girlfriends? You can tahan the gossip, hor? I go cut, ok? Tomorrow, ok? Not as bald as your sons but short enough. Can? Can?”

And of course, expected from men…”Go lah, saves me money. One year also no need to go hairdresser. Saves shampoo somemore.”

*roll eyes*

I have long wanted to embed this song ‘What about now?’ by Daughtry but they didn’t allow embedding earlier. Now, I can do it. It is something that I have long wanted to do. To be able to reach the hurting, poor, weak, homeless, marginalised, lost….Someone remarked that I have the touch. And I think I agree with him. Video, people, share. That’s my motivation.

Some of you may notice that I tend to sound very cheerful when I talked to these people. (like this Wesak Day video) To those of you who thinks it is the wrong approach, I must explain that the last thing these people needs are self-righteous people who look down on them, put on the saviour facade, talked to them in sympathetic tones and basically do those silly stuffs like the bimbos Miss World did. The next time you meet a beggar, treat him/her like your buddy and chat like you would with a buddy. Don’t ever show sympathy. Give them respect and dignity. Laugh, joke, tease. And remember to treat the person like they used to be. That is regular, normal people who was probably a teacher, a janitor, it doesn’t matter. This is one of the most valuable lesson I learnt from my Mt. Mirian voluntary work, i.e. the person next to you is a person they used to be, even if they are dying and no responding anymore.

Booyeah! Shortest possible hair. If my female hairdresser refused to cut that short, I go mamak barber.