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  1. Hahaha, you look very cool. Like a professional reporter. by the way you should tell the hairdresser what u want. errr…. maybe not what you want, instead you what u need for your hair. they should know better.

    I’m talking cock lah. nice video anyway. perhaps you can do a video about my friend selling `lok lok’ at pekaka building near bukit jambul there.

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  2. Me first…. hoo heh….

    i take my hats off for you. TV1,2,3,4,5,6,…. NTV7, CNN, CNBC, BBC, ABC and all porn channels… watch out!
    you looked so relax in front of the cam! anymore relax, I think I’ll be on the floor.
    wht d £@$^? what’s tht bunga raya doing there? lol
    ok, serious comments (cough2)

    I’d zoom into you more as there is nothing interesting in the background ( i waited and waited for a naked ah pek to appear at the balcony behind you !)

    you might wanna think of a catchphrase at the end, say things like”this is L BigG, your citizen journalist, remember to tune it!’ with an attitude, then we WILL remember who you are…u know, make a bigger impression.

    (wei, did I hear u just said… ‘5xmum talking cork show’ at the end?)

    which tripod head did u get? ball head or pan/tilt?

    mmm.. I sense great things to come! well done.

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  3. yo! I mean L BigC, not G…solly!
    do you work on yr own now? no cameraman? susah lah ni.

    why not write to LGE and ask for a private exclusive interview on ‘5xmum torking cork show’.

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  4. JT – My son gave me the flower midway during recording mah…So, I accepted graciously and display the flower lor…A mom must not disappoint her kid’s gesture mah….But he was half nekid so I edited the part. I purpose put the camera far far away, put wide angle so I don’t see myself so much. And what attitude lah, you think I am Oprah Winfrey meh?

    The Aminos – I will keep that in mind cos I want to make food videos but I must have ‘chui kai pat thong’ baru can do a proper video. You know…got camera crew, got host, got greedy people eating foods (I can do this no problem)

  5. JT – Got one part, I fiddled with the camera remote control, it looks so obscenely LOL. I also have to edit it because I was rubbing it up and down LOL. The hands and the person seem to work NOT in tandem.

  6. JT – You all write to LGE and ask lah. Each of my blog readers send a mail to him and say, “We demand that you be interviewed by the 5xmom or else we won’t vote you in the next erection.” LOL

  7. 5xmom, be cool a little don’t so “kan cheong”……
    Actually what I wanted to asked is what happen to the new look? You know the ultra short hair look? Is this it? Maybe camera not close up enough ah coz hair style still like the same one…..

  8. toolan – That’s my natural self lah, how to slow down. I move, work, talk, do everything 5x faster than people one.

  9. wei..LBigC, tht hiao voice u better keep in the bedroom lah.
    I don think LGE has given an in depth interview since GE, it’ll be best for you to do some research and send him the list of questions for eerr….. 1 hr interview? if your questions are genuine and shown u have put in some effort, I’ll pull some strings for you.
    u should stick tht flower in yr hair lah, nt there… very ‘char bak’!
    soon, u can operate the RC wt eyes closed. just knw where stop/record/zoon in/out buttons are located, korrect?
    would be a good idea to note the tripod height and distance fr you to get the full shoulder shot.
    train yr sons to be yr ‘pat thong’ lah.

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  10. JT – Ok, I got something that confuses me. Since you know photography so well…

    1) My tripod is quite a good one because I am using my DSLR sturdy type. It can pan any direction. But hor, I want the tripod to be a bit lower but I don’t know if I can do ‘half-half’ with the tripod? You know lah, when I am using both the tripod extensions, it goes that high.

    2) I have no one to be the testing object so I agak-agak only. My sons all not so siao to layan their mother lah. But I also prefer the tripod to go lower.

    3) Hahaha, originally I put it in my hair like my son suggested but damn…..I dare not post that part of the video lah. Later people think I fatt hao. No one ask you to see the flower level lah.

    4) White balance. Since I cannot be in the frame and adjust WB, I feel the WB is a bit out. Shouldn’t have wore white shirt but then, that’s the only shirt hanging behind my door.

    5) I know I look so noob pressing the remote, I think it is quite silly as well. As if I need to press that hard. But you know lah, one person sitting there….

    Never mind, I go find a videographer and practice more.

  11. Wah you so hock seong la! I thought the hair will turn out shorter.

    I never go perm parlor for so long.I have my hair cut at Quik Cut at the QB Mall. Cheap (Rm15 only) and good.I do not go for hair treatments. Just DIY dye job for me! So don’t get to meet all the si lai and pat por.

    Your video good la. Keep on practicing!

  12. Momo – My hair sei for liao. I go use my son’s blonde dye, the instruction in Japanese. I silap baca, now whole head golden brown LOL. Hock seong cos it is my ‘sing ning’ blood mah. (sing ning all rich families, got plenty of foods to eat type one?)

  13. No need to sei for! Go get the quik dye type. Comb thru type.Takes only 1 to 5 mins. Get a darker color like mahogany. Just comb thru and viola! kau thim oredi! I often use this type of dye for touch-ups for regrowth.

  14. wah, u also post it here…keng ah u. u da woman! u sure are a lilian of all trades. 🙂 i knew u from mmb less than 4 yrs ago and u d fastest evolving mom i know online. u shld get online mom of d year award. keep up d good work!

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  15. Syn – I am just a bit thick skin only. 🙂 And yeah, jack of all trades but master of none

    Momo – Never mind lah, not really bad. Just look a bit Ah Lian only.

  16. yo, Lilian
    my foto tipu tipu ‘pien chia’ ony leh. u r right, shooting fr a lower angle at the chin level makes the subject slimmer and taller..
    most tripods go as low as abt 3 Ft high, how low u want? as for tripods, u get wat u pay. but hor, even the budget one can go fr 3-5ft high. what kind of tripod legs u got there, the screw ones are sturdier than the clip/clasp ones. general speaking, for commercial bideo camera, u want a big n heavy tripod but since u ony hav a small home camordr, a camera tripod is good ord. there are aluminium ones and the more expensive graphite ones, the pro version can go fr 6cm to 6ft n last for forever. I sometime use it as a makeshift weapon if need be. you can do half half on extensions. no problemo.
    can you not turn the LCD screen to face towards you when u shoot, then u know exactly what u r shooting, not half face or ghost hand.
    for WB, best to study the owner’s manual and know what yr cam is capable of, ada manual override ? WB is usually only a problem when there is no enuf lighting or under some artificial lighting like street lamps/fluorescent. if u want, WB can always be readjusted when u edit lu punya clips.

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  17. JT – My current one, if both legs extended is four feet and if the shoulder thingie (or whatever you call that turn-turn go up one?) is five feet I think. I got a cheaper one but it goes ‘kreakkk kreakkk kreakkk’ like my Wesak video. I never read manual one, all buta-buta, trial and error only. But the other day, our sifu (a very pro videographer who worked for the big tv stations) taught us that we must get the WB correct. But then, he was teaching us with a huge, kickass camera.

    Actually, I can see myself in the frame but hor…I placed the camera so far away so my eyes are not bionic eyes.

    pilocarpine – Saya bukan batu

  18. Yo, Lil Big C. I feel ya.
    there is a tightening ring at the bottom of the ‘kreakk kreakk’ thing. try it. Use yr bionic eye and u will c it.
    Auto WB is fine most of the time, do spend some time reading the manual, u will pick up tips I geklantee u. For us men, reading manuals is primordial, it’s in our genes.
    Big kickass cam is good, it’s best to get things right first, meaning less time spend on tweaking the clip on comp after.
    another tip, hang yr camera bag at the bottom of the ‘kreakk’ to add weight and stabilise d tripod, the budget one tends to be light, any slight knock means yr cam is kaput.
    good luck, just pretend yr cam is your best friend and u r gossiping to her, all will be fine.

    ….This is JT fr ABC, reporting to you live on sini-sana….

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  19. Really ah, I guess that is why you are jack of all trade loh. But for the recording of interviews, you should slow down to 1x speed , otherwise like watching a movie going 5x speed liao….ha,ha,ha……
    Anyway, practice makes perfect, so keep it up…..you know the people here enjoy your blogs what.

  20. Very cute to watch, you want to do your job, but there’s a certain hesitation.

    The flower is a nice touch, makes a whole lot different.

    Also I noted a nervous voice initially, but it gets better over each take.

    I think its normal to get overwhelmed with a camera pointing at ya, even alone. I also like that, still am. But I guess more practice will make us better.

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