I have been staring at a piece about cars for days and days. I want to give up and tell them, sorry, I can’t do it. Please find someone else. Because I am too truthful. I cannot do a botch job.

Just like my blogging, though I crap a lot, I actually am quite serious about it. It gets freaky when people tell you personally they MUST read your blog every morning. *sweats*

Wait I embed this song which I love very much. I like the video, I like the song.

Today (Thursday, i.e.), we have class on dealing with teens. I have this lovely reminder for us parents and those of us who have to deal with young people :


When I ask you to listen to me
and you begin to tell me that I shouldn’t feel that way
you are trampling on my feelings

When I ask you to listen to me
and you start giving me advice
you have not done what I asked

When I ask you to listen to me
and you start feeling you have to do something
you have failed me
strange as it that may seem…..

Everyday, though I crapped a lot, I crap with a purpose. I hope with the sharing of this, which I got from Father Huan during my psychology class, you will all be enlightened.

I am not the best parent but I know I am not doing too bad. Cos Father Huan told the class that we parents have to be vulnerable sometimes. And I added to it, “As parents, we shouldn’t have the fear of our power and authority being taken away when we go down to the level of our children.” Because when you love someone beyond boundaries, there is nothing to fear.

Yet…this not only applies to parenting. It works in other areas and namely, with our friends. I think I am like the person above, I hate being given advices, I hate being told, “I know how you feel”, I hate sympathy, I hate people trying to solve my problems….Why can’t there be more people who knows how to listen, and just shut up?

And before I forget, I hate hypocrites and snobbish people. Can you imagine people who tends to see you like a piece of air or nothingness, i.e. they don’t even notice you at all just because they do not know who you are and suddenly, when they found out that you are not the bag lady or the piece of shit that you appeared to be, they suddenly notice you? By then, my dear, you have been binned in my thrash can of hypocrites. I encountered that recently. Just because I prefer to remain nobody, it doesn’t mean you have the right to treat me like one. That’s why Jesus always reminded us to go down to the grounds, not hovering above with your bunch of tais-tais, sipping RM12++ coffee and only think I am deserving of your ‘hello’ just because you happened to bump into me at a different place, different time and different clothes.

It leaves a bad taste in me that sometimes, people can be soooooooo religious, sooooooo ‘community involved’ and yet, they failed to remember our basic Christian foundation, i.e. to love one another just like Christ loves us. Not love only your rich friends. I don’t know why I allow people like these to piss me but I guess everyone of us encountered super bitches like these, huh?