The sun is so hot, even my boobs have turned into charred siew pau. Imagine under the hot sun from 8.30 to 12.30 noon.

But then, if you are a blogger, a proud as peacock mother and a somewhat skilled (just shiok sendiri) videographer, you will certainly sacrifice a few tones darker skin for your son.


Awww….my boy is the most handsome boy in the whole, wide world. If I feel hot, I cannot imagine what he feels in that suit! OMG, why lah the kindie wants to hold a sports day in our hot tropical sun. My poor little kid has been practising for the marching band like two months ago. He too has turned so darker. But thank God he is quite the healthy kid and doesn’t fall sick in this kind of weather.


See….my boy is sooooooo handsome. He is the one with the saxaphone or whatever that toy they gave him. It does make sound, like a pig getting slaughtered like that.


See? Handsome, right?

I won’t rant about the parents because I do not know who may be reading this. I met a fellow blogger there so I better don’t rant about how those parents si peh kiasu, must bring their cameras to the front to spoil everyone’s view and my video filming. I also won’t rant about the irresponsible parents who can’t keep to their parents’ tent but go and cramp with the kids’ tent. Of course I won’t rant about the si peh lansi official cameraman who acts like he owned the show. Pthooi…I will make sure I won’t buy the official photographs.


Then, I definitely will not rant about how long the whole thing is because they have yehsou talk lah, this lah, that lah….Aiyor, so hot liao, fast fast kautim lah.


So, yeah, I am definitely too old for all these kindie stuffs. Thank God, I have no more kids who are going to kindie. Sons, remember hor, don’t ever rope me in for your kids’ kindie sports. I’d rather go sunbathing with some old, rich retiree than sit through four hours of boring can die event.