This one for the son

(I am blogging this because it is utterly funny. I told my son half the story and asked him to wait to read on my blog the whole thing.)

So, as you know….I have written an email to your handsome headmaster to request for an interview by the citizen journalists….an ex-Xaverian and I want to interview him because we want to pick his brains about religious tolerance amongst the youngsters today, compared to many years ago, issues about our education system, his parting words and etc.

So… you know…I am on lector’s duty today. I actually slotted myself only for 7 am masses because I don’t want to end up with my chief lector, ex-chief lector in the same duty slot with me. But sweats la….someone asked me to exchange my duty with him, so I took the 6 pm mass….And my ex-chief lector is the first reader and my current chief is the commentator. Mana mau lari…Jesus Christ has a wicked sense of humour, eh?

Right after communion, I went back to my pew to pray. As the lector, sitting at the most front pew, I ate first the roti. Then, I prayed. I told Jesus I know I have been rather ‘bagi betis, mau paha’ and I am sorry because I always asked for the impossible. But today’s Gospel which was the verse that pushed me to baptism was, “You did not choose me, I chose you….” Which means God picked me and not I pick Him. And Jesus said, (in John 15:16) You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit and that your fruit should abide; so that whatever you ask the Father in my name, he may give it to you. So, I took that as a sign that I can ask whatever, whenever…..when it comes to fruitful things….

So….I finished my prayer after communion, lifted my head, while still kneeling and wahlau eh…your headmaster just finished receiving communion, and was turned to my direction. Of course, he didn’t look or see ‘cos one must have a reverence after receiving the Body and Blood of Christ, so downcast head, back to pew and pray. So, I quickly followed him with my eyes to see where he is sitting. Usually, he sits on the right side where we used to sit but today, he was on the left. Since I so ngam-ngam bumped into him, I pun found courage lah…

Moreover, I am the lector where I read about ‘God, love, God, love’ etc etc. and I better believe that what I had read has reached his ears as well as all in the congregation. I must grab and immortalise his wisdoms on video before he leaves. It is for the future generation (hence, the bear fruits thingie)

Jeng, jeng jeng…..I pun tarik one slip of paper from my notepad and scrawled…Handsome Headmaster, I emailed to you at SXI about an interview by citizen journalists. Can I ask you after mass?

I know he always cabut very fast after mass. Meanwhile, I am the lector and I am not allowed to leave my pew until mass is over. So, I was holding on to the piece of note, scared shit to bring to him cos you know lah…so many hundred pairs of eyes are watching.

Wahlau eh…can you imagine…..

Catholic church
Dead sombre
Total silence
All good behaviour….

But I know die also die lah….So, after the blessings, where we have to stand, I quickly run to his pew when blessings was over. Thank God, a lector was sitting next to him. She thought I am giving her the note and she stood up to take it from me. Your gurubesar tak tengok saya pun….LOL

(inserting the closing hymn here)

So, I passed the paper to the lector and told her, “It is for him” pointing to him. He looked surprised.

Then, I went back to my pew…During closing hymn, he came to my pew and gave me a note which he scrawled a reply and said, “My number is inside.”

*ends with music*

And I am going to grin for a long time. The day my quest for news and found my guts to go right up to God’s house with God’s holy man. Praise the Lord!

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