The mother of all WTFs is when people asked these questions :

1) Is my youngest son, my grandson?

2) Am I pregnant again?

3) Why not? Get a girl lah…

4) Are all your sons married?

5) ..and the ‘They don’t know if my husband is my husband or not’ and yet, they do not dare to ask and yet, they want to ask…and yet, they don’t know how to ask….

6) Is that your friend…….(when they already see I am so wifey to the husband and they didn’t ask #5 question and think I am bring out a bunch of sons with a boyfriend, doh…)

7) Is that your husband (when you are working with a male)

8 ) Are those your sons….(when they don’t believe I am capable of producing so many handsome young men and cute boys…)


*swts* I tell you….gg ledi….

Now, I am going mull around the whole day and check the mirror and see which part of me that says I am retired, 50 plus, have four married sons, been to Lourdes and all those expensive Christian Holy Land tours…..and have sons and daughters who are either lawyers or doctors. The bleh of going to class with a group of retired people is they think I am just like them. *cries*


I was busy frying these eggs, sausages and heat up my leftover noodle for breaksfast, ok? My boy has no kindie today so I got to prepare breakfast for him and his other brother before I go to class. But still, I dont’ look so chialat enough what…

Haih…I think I better go and drink all my SKII miracle water, use all the SKII creams as butter for my bread and hope to die soon.

Lucky Professor X made me feels less or-cheh (blue black) after I kena that question. Cos I can write notes with my right hand and sms with my left and surf the net with my mechanical pencil tip. gg ledi….And I thought only teenage girls get identity crises………….

(I bet 80% of you do not know what gg is)