My freaking internet is so slow tonight. I waited for the page to load but after so long, I forget what I wanted to write.

Was it to agonise over the MCA event I attended? I drove to Paya Terubong and got claustrophobic with the number of high rise buildings they have there. The roads are so narrow. Foreign workers every where. I want to ask for direction, also waste saliva. Lucky by the fourth time, someone knew where the place is. Do you know that this Paya Terubong is so densely populated and yet, they don’t have freaking signs to tell you which project is which project? Even the guards also do not know what’s the name of the next door flats. Doh…

Was it to bitch that I had just been pissed off by one of my coursemates? Hahaha, he hinted I am not a team worker. I never claim to be. I am only civil. But my patience has its limit. So, I gave it back to him why I am pissed. Like a man. I tell the truth. I said I was pissed because he made a re-run of a video I made and he used a person’s face that I wish he didn’t. I said, ” I shall not impose…” which any smart guy will know means I hope he will take off the photo. But that’s not what I was most pissed. The video was being used by another to annoy a politician. It was yesterday news and yet, the politician kena watch re-run. He had already explained the issue to me, even the CM already explained. But this ignorant chap who has an axe to grind with that politician didn’t keep up with our development and start the issue from square one. What the fuck. I was made to look like the stupid woman who keep rubbing shits.

And that’s not all. I blardy hate it when I said, I am pissed and I got a reply that says…Sorry I hurt your feelings. WTF. Feeling pissed means angry, not hurt. I am not the woman who gets hurt. I get pissed only. And when I get pissed, I rant. I don’t need replies that say, My conscience is clear. Niamah, what blardy conscience is involved here? It is pure pissed off, WTF feelings.

Now, I still cannot remember what I originally wanted to write. But I guess this suffices for the day.

Happy Monday, all you working slaves.