Tian Chua, my (other political) hero charged for biting, wth?

Back in April 2008, I posted this video of Tian Chua being dragged out of his car. I was so full of admiration for him because he remained so calm throughout the whole event.

However, that post was made in my Christian-Journey’s blog because (I see Tian Chua as a nice Christian leader) I didn’t want to confuse people with so many political heroes of mine mah…..

Today, I just read on Malaysiakini that they are really charging him and poor Tian Chua will go down in history as the man who bites. LOL. I don’t know about others but I think this is a waste of money, time and making a mockery of our police and courts. What do they think they are lah? Kindergarten? Such a shame because here in our country, pregnant women died due to snatch thefts while police are charging a defender of human rights with b i t i n g. Gigit.

He was charged under Section 332 of the Penal Code for causing hurt to deter a public officer from performing his duty. If found guilty, he is liable to three years’ jail or a fine or both.

Should the jail term exceed a year or if the fine exceeds RM2,000, he will be disqualified from holding the Batu parliamentary seat.

Note that there was no biting involved. I read that Tian Chua merely fell on the police when Tian Chua was pushed off the car by another police officer from the other side of the seat.

“I opened the front left door of the vehicle to allow Constable Rosyaidi Annuar to enter the passenger seat to pull the accused out of the vehicle,” Sazali said.

“Lance Corp Amran entered the vehicle through the back seat and pushed Chua towards Rosyaidi. Suddenly, Rosyaidi fell and the accused landed on top of him.”


For those of you who are clueless about who Tian Chua is, he is a PKR leader, a Chinese man, a fairly good looking one and he has fought and fought for the people. He was dragged out because he was on his way to Parliament to deliver the memorandum to Parliament….FOR US! So that we get fair election. Which explains why the opposition can win the last general election because previously….elections were….errmmm…

Sometime back, I have also embedded some videos of Tian Chua in some Malay kampung, defending the squatters, went up to the bulldozer and grabbed the key. *swoons* LOL.

So, Tian Chua, bravo! If there is any reason for lay people like me to still have some faiths in politician, it is people like you who made it somehow beareable. Of course, you came in second, after Lim Guan Eng. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Tian Chua, my (other political) hero charged for biting, wth?

  1. how come so many cops, was the country on terrorist alert?
    manhandling n bullying a citizen are their speciality! nothing new.
    what’s ironic abt this is no one seems to hav criticised the way the cops removed the passengers. totally unorganised, unprofessional and unnecessary.

    JT´s last blog post..May 13 on May 13 1969

  2. JT – Biasa lerr…..All men will be deployed for all these paranoid activities and real criminals run around freely. Just looking at the amount they used for the cops’ canopies which go into millions of Ringgit will tell you where their priorities are.

  3. It is really a shameful thing that the cops should be more concerned in apprehending lawful citizens trying to present their cause in a legal and peaceful manner. Where were they when there are still so many open cases of murders, rapes and so many criminal activities? And from there (Tian Chua’s case) they went on to remove the Speaker from inside Perak’s august house. Is that all our country’s men in blue can do?? Removing persons who are interested in upholding the law?

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