Why do our local councils need to sub-contract out works?

Long time ago, I remember JKR used to take care of the roads. Not too long ago, I was horrified to see that the MPPP in Youth Park actually get their plants from a Chinese nursery in Farlim because the lorry was unloading the plants.

Now, why do they need to sub-contract out all these works? Is it more cost effective? Can’t they hire some cheap labourers and manage some of the works themselves? Like planting flowers, sweeping the roads, repairing the works and etc? These are daily things that need to be attended to. Many of our people cannot find jobs. What’s wrong with giving some of them a job? Why need to tender, let private companies who hire foreign workers to do it?

I blogged about the road condition along Scotland Road outside Union Girls’ School on May 7th. I read that the MPPP approved a tender to repair the road on May 8th. Hmmm…..*scratch non-existence beard on chin* I wonder if it is just a co-incident or they got bambu after the femes 5xmom ranted about it? Cos I know my video was forwarded to the MPPP chief….

According to The Star, the tender closed on March 23rd but they have to wait for so long to award the tender. Come on lah, the road condition was and is still very, very bad. Where is the sense of urgency, huh?

Here’s a video I shot just now. I have recently added a 15 secs intro to my videos. Ahem….like very pro like dat hor? Got the idea from Jimmy.

Sometimes I wonder…..is the MPPP really under the State Government or are they a unit on their own? How come CM Lim Guan Eng preached about efficiency but MPPP seems like tortoise and a mule put together? No wonder they say MPPP is worse than MPSP.

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  1. Thanks Lilian for bringing the Penangites concern to the State govt. Not sure if it was a coincidence but good on you!

    Another note please, can I make a complaint through you? On the Coastal Highway there is this huge bump on the road right in front of the low cost flat at Gold Coast (on your way to Qbay mall). It is just waiting for accidents to happen as cars do slow down upon reaching the bump. Imagine when traffic is heavy during peak hours, it’s horrendous. The previous State govt has to ‘level’ the area almost every year (if I am not mistaken, it was every December). I hope something can be done…

  2. Sub-con to cronies so can get kickbacks. Malaysia mah.

    Contract given to the lowest tender but kickback amount still the same. So sub standard work done because of lower profit. Hence, the road will crack again in a couple of months. Those sub-con will use only half their materials. The other half will be used to make/recover money by soliciting house owners to pave the small section in front of their gates.

  3. hey, yr clips got 8.1 surround sound or not? no HD? come on lah….how can one see any pot holes like dat?
    there should be a team of road maintenance crews/workers standby, ready to jump off their seats at a moment notice. I mean how hard can it be? right? u hav a hotline for public to phone if a road cracks up, 3-4 hrs later, holes get filled up, everyone is happy.
    i think i said this b4, in engkok, if i trip over a loose slab/holes on public roads, I can sue the local council for negligence and u usually win!
    one idea, u should stand in front of these pot holes and cause a major traffic jam to make someone really hear you.

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  4. Hmmm… sometimes I feel pity for the government servants also lah. They have done many great things but no compliments then when forget to do something like repairing the road always kena `taruh kao kao’.

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  5. The Aminos – They do things because they are paid a salary to do it mah.. And how can we excuse they ‘forget’ to do their work wor, lives are involve here you know? The road has been like that for weeks and maybe months.

    JT – You sponsor me a kick-ass camera lor…

  6. If tortoise breed with a donkey, then it will result to a “torkey” baby…LOL

    Anyway, for a CJ who rides a scooter while “hari hari cari story” during the weekends, every time I pass that section of the road, my balls really hurts. Now I have to wear a ball guard to keep my eggs protected…Can claim for damages or not?

    Jimmy Leow´s last blog post..Homeless Wongs Conned by “Government People”

  7. So many cacat roads in Pg now. Another one I very TL is the Coastal Highway near Putra Place or Queensbay Mall there. You will be like riding roller coaster if you drive in the fast lane.

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  8. Jimmy – LOL, go back and cool down with your BOI lah. (just in case ppl thinks it is boy and Jimmy is gay…BOI is not boy)

    Bryan – My Viva suspension somemore very chialat one, aiyor, really like riding the toy train at the funfair type where if we don’t put our tongue properly, can get bitten off. Wuah, they must put a big sign, No BJ while crossing this stretch of road or the MPPP will not be responsible for kkc kena putus. *falls off chair and rolling on the floor and continue laughing)

  9. MPPP is under Chow so you should be dissing him too….
    Besides, civil servants always have a mind of their own and don’t always listen to the government wan.
    Anyway, I heard that the council is now cutting out a lot of contracts and taking up the job themselves which is something compared to last time, under BN, when everything is contracted out so some cronies can become rich.
    Oh, and now MPPP no president yet. Only an acting one which means the council’s performance still fall back on Chow.

  10. Foong – I see CKY’s long face, I sked liao, how to diss lah? LOL. He beh shiok, later evict me out of my home, how?

  11. yes, i agree on the stretch towards QB. Everyday i need to use that road to get to work. The part of the bridge that one got “lowered” is on the right/fast lane. So many will suddenly swerve their car to the left lane without indicator to pass the “slow” car.

    and it cause much damage to the car if we don’t slow down. Padahal, already poor and buying local car only..where got money to repair.. 🙁

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  12. eve and all the rest – Ok ok, I heard you all loud and clear. *off to bug MPPP with an email to request for grilling session by the 5xmom*

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