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It takes a lot to make me teary. I could survive standing at the death bed of a person and still can keep my emotions in control. I suppose I have insulated myself so much, I don’t ‘feel’ so easily. Last week, at the soup kitchen, I was fine eventhough the sight really tugged at the heartstrings. My male coursemate found it hard to stomach when the folks there rushed to get their tambah nasi which is basically a huge tray of rice with all the balanced curries and vegetables.

Today, I did a follow up with the Hare Krsna free foods on wheels because we were at their kitchen last Friday. They called us and I went there just in time to see a throng of beggars, poor people, lame and sick people rushing towards the red van to get their meals.

On my journey there, while I was passing the Assumption Church, I prayed aloud. I don’t know why but I find it crazy for me to go out in the noon day sun just to film a “bunch of beggars and bums having their lunch”. So, I said something like this, “Jesus, guide me, show me what I am supposed to see, help me to relate what I have seen and whatever it is, let this be Your will and not mine. Move the hearts of those who can make a difference and comfort those who needs it.”

The Kuan Yin temple in Pitt Street used to be my place of worship. I had spent many occasions crying to Kuan Yin for help, whether it is due to a sick son, an unbearable MIL or difficult decisions like whether to leave my job or not. I am an expert in ‘thiu chiam’ or what you call that bamboo sticks way of asking Kuan Yin for a decision. Once, when I asked for an important decision, I got a reply that I am like the old man fishing in the frozen lake….

The sight of these helpless, no where to turn to, weak, poor hungry people just overwhelmed me. I recalled the Bible where Jesus found beggars outside the temple. The reminder that Jesus told us Christians that if we are able to take care of the least of the brothers (i.e. these poor and hungry people), we have taken care of God. It was just so eye opening for me. Suddenly, the ‘God’ is just one awesome and almighty, not just limited to my Christian way of seeing God in that light but one huge, awesome, supreme control of all the faiths and religions. Yet, deep in my heart, I feel it is rather pretentious for me because I am there just to film them. I cannot offer much other than bringing awareness about these charitable bodies.

There are many volunteers helping at Hare Krsna providing meals for these people. There are other soup kitchens in Georgetown doing the same. They have scheduled their meals so that all these poor folks rotate where to eat each day. When I got there, some of them already recognise me from last week visit at Kawan. The kids are so friendly. I hope to visit them at their sleeping place soon. They sleep under the stars……. (Do I have any readers whom may have used Indian traditional dress for one little girl, age 6 yrs old? She wants an Indian suit very badly. I forgot the name, it is the long blouse with pants. Please leave your email and I shall see how to pick up from you? I may go on Thursday to visit her.)

Meanwhile, my dear friends, if you wish to help out in anyway, please do so….Hare Krsna temple needs money to get the foodstuffs, cook and feed these people. Hare Krsna provides meals for 200 people today. They do it on Tuesday/Wednesday/Sunday. Please note they don’t eat garlic, onion, egg, meat or any animal products.

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  1. Lilian, you could perhaps make arrangement to send the girl either to the Ramakrishna Orphanage or the St. Christopher’s Orphanage. At least, she will have a proper place and environment to live in.

  2. AP – The family don’t want lah…Anyway, long story, and I don’t want to meddle cos they have all these charitable bodies to do the work. I only bring the news.

  3. Hi Lilian, I do have some punjabi suits which my daughters have outgrown. Would it be possible to email me your mailing address and I will courier it to you?

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