Excuse me please….I want to have an Alleycats moment

I was uploading a video and somehow this old video popped up under the related videos. OMG…it is blast from the past!

Alleycats have many nice songs but this Sekuntum Mawar Merah was most memorable because someone brought me to USM to provide moral support to him when he entered a singing contest there.

And there is the Senandung Semalam..

*cuddles up with Kak Teh who is an Alleycats fan reminiscing about the good old days of Hail Amir, Uji Rashid, Jamal Abdillah (when he first won Bintang RTM, minus the drugs and young wives), DJ Dave, when watching RTM 1 and RTM 2 didn’t make me want to burn down their studio…*

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