I wonder why my comments are declining….

Did I tell you that my blog is ranked #15 on the Top Malaysians’ Blogs? No? Never mind…it is not important to me, anymore.

Once upon a time, I used to be very kiasu about these sort of ‘Top Malaysian Blogs’ list and die die must see my blog ranks above all my enemies and bloggers I don’t like. Hahahaha.

Now, only Lim Kit Siang, Jeff Ooi and Anwar Ibrahim are above me. The rest are all underlings…Die, you underlings…die. (the rest are kids’ bloggers or tech bloggers, not counted, ok?)

I suppose ranking doesn’t mean a thing anymore because I know, silently, out there people who matters most to me are silently reading and not commenting. It is nice to get a short remark or a short email, text messages or even just a quip when I meet the person that they know what I have been up to.

However, the danger is, my blog doesn’t represent me. I tend to get craziest when I am most depressed, sad or feeling blue. Some of my best/funniest/unique posts were written when I am at that state where die or not die also doesn’t matter, so I just spew whatever I want.

I am sure my course lecturer, Father Huan will tell me I have some serious anima/animus problems, lots of shadows hiding in there in the depth of the soul or even worse, I need to go for exorcism because the priest who baptised me probably missed my head when the rite of exorcism took place. LOL.

Back to this, “I know you are reading, but you didn’t comment because you think I know you are reading” syndrome, it is rather depressing, you know? You are reading or not ah?

Why lah, I get like only 3 people who drop their footprints lah? Sad lah….*strangle self with computer cable*

64 thoughts on “I wonder why my comments are declining….

  1. Silent reader no more…a Penangite in Netherlands.
    Your blog has been my daily dose of anything
    and everything from Penang. Keep up the good rants
    and ramblings…Cheers,…Wassenaar.

  2. Lilian, could you please let me know the whereabout of the Kawan Centre?

  3. AnakPenang – 37 Love Lane, the tiny lane at St. Xavier side gate. They are open only on Mon., Wed. and Fri. for breakfast and lunch.

    Marisa – Glad to inform.

    toolan – Maybe it is Christian based so there were no Malays there but there are Muslims who are homeless too. Poverty knows no colour or creed. At other places, there are Muslims who received the foods too. That’s why all the soup kitchens maintained a halal kitchen with no beef (taboo for the Hindus). The young ladies there are volunteers from USA. Check out Youth with a Mission, they have a site.

    Ping Ping – One of the homeless person I met when we did our very first video some months back, was there having Bible study when we went to Kawan. I was so full of joy to see him looking happier, more peaceful and healthy. I did an interview with him too. I asked him to volunteer himself to serve the people, since he is a former coffeeshop owner.

    Overall, yeah, the place is really friendly and warm and the community feel is certainly there. I hope you all notice the ‘I give you some of my foods’ by the people. They are all very generous, giving away part of their rice if they know they cannot finish it because some of the others are really hungry.

  4. Hi! I am one of ur silent reader and I really enjoy your straight-to-the-point attitude way of writing 😀

  5. yeah!!! I’m the 60th commentator..ada hadiah kah??? Akakaaa
    It’s very rare for me not to comment your blog..so if you don’t see my comments, means i’m not in your blog..

    *damn the poker in facebook!! i play..play..play until forgot to blog hop to ur blog !

    kaDusMama´s last blog post..‘Iklan’ for today…

  6. Thank you everyone. I so happy until no need to eat, sleep or shit already. Got so many comments. Tenkiu, xie xie, nandri, terima kasih, kam siah, dor jeh…

  7. Ahyo, scared later those comments ada konflik ma…apart from complaining, need to brainstorm what to write..to be appeared at the neutral side 😀

  8. when i first started reading your blog… you appeared crazy, unaffected by what ppl think, and don’t give a damn about ppl say (esp if they don’t agree with you – they can just go fff-off)… Let’s just say your boh-chap-siau attitude was refreshing and i really support your obnoxious behavior and one-of-a-kind style of writing… so take it as a good sign if no one write comments for you as it may mean that the whole world agrees with you… MUAHAHAHAHAHa

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