Did I tell you that my blog is ranked #15 on the Top Malaysians’ Blogs? No? Never mind…it is not important to me, anymore.

Once upon a time, I used to be very kiasu about these sort of ‘Top Malaysian Blogs’ list and die die must see my blog ranks above all my enemies and bloggers I don’t like. Hahahaha.

Now, only Lim Kit Siang, Jeff Ooi and Anwar Ibrahim are above me. The rest are all underlings…Die, you underlings…die. (the rest are kids’ bloggers or tech bloggers, not counted, ok?)

I suppose ranking doesn’t mean a thing anymore because I know, silently, out there people who matters most to me are silently reading and not commenting. It is nice to get a short remark or a short email, text messages or even just a quip when I meet the person that they know what I have been up to.

However, the danger is, my blog doesn’t represent me. I tend to get craziest when I am most depressed, sad or feeling blue. Some of my best/funniest/unique posts were written when I am at that state where die or not die also doesn’t matter, so I just spew whatever I want.

I am sure my course lecturer, Father Huan will tell me I have some serious anima/animus problems, lots of shadows hiding in there in the depth of the soul or even worse, I need to go for exorcism because the priest who baptised me probably missed my head when the rite of exorcism took place. LOL.

Back to this, “I know you are reading, but you didn’t comment because you think I know you are reading” syndrome, it is rather depressing, you know? You are reading or not ah?

Why lah, I get like only 3 people who drop their footprints lah? Sad lah….*strangle self with computer cable*