Kawan – Drop-In centre in Penang – Video

This is a video I edited last night. I am beginning to love editing because it is like writing a million words without actually writing. The video clips were shot by coursemate, CJ Jimmy.

I hope you guys will give me some comments on what you see. I am not asking for techniques/lighting/sound system (cos I just notice it is mono when on the external mike) but rather

  • what kind of message did this video convey to you?
  • Does the sights, the faces of the people, their spirits, their selfless efforts move you?
  • Are you aware of similar soup kitchen around your area ?
  • Do you have any similar organisations, big or small which you want us to cover for you?
  • Please note how certain parts are so colour co-ordinated. I just love the background, i.e. the wall murals. Notice the Indian girl wore the same dress last Friday and yesterday? The parents asked her to talk because they said her English is good. And please don’t ask me to do something for her because my duty ends at citizen journalism. I cannot tear myself to do everything for every subjects I encountered because there are many, many such people. Jimmy and I will attempt to give the video to the Exco and DCM2 and hope for the best. There are many organisations looking into the plight of the family and I shall pray they find the best solution for the children. But if you think you can help, then, go to Kawan and find them.

    Let me know how you feel after watching the video? Sad? Enlightened? Realisation of what a beautiful world this is with so many encouraging stories? Frustration that so many are in this condition? What?

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    1. much better editing…..the beginning is perfect with the sombre music. here are my answers to lu punya soalan.
      1) i only c lots of ppl with free food in one dining hall. what screening process do u hav or just anyone can come in and makan?
      2) No, it didnt. Everyone all smiley smiley. what about do a short documentary on the life of poor/homeless ppl in a day, 1 teenage, 1 addict, 1 elderly? then put all into a clip.
      3) yes, run by the TA (Territory Army) and local Church.
      4) No.

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    2. Never thought that we too hav this kind of drop in centre for the homeless in Penang, thx for posting it up.

    3. In this video, I can see that the people who goes there are very “together”, like the series “Cheers”, everybody knows everybody. The volunteers are all very sincere people and I for one like sincere people. I am very surprise to find so many “mat salleh” helping too and so dedicated and humble people. If only politicians of the world are a little like them, think this will be a much better place to live in.
      I managed to see and understand better in your editing this time around, better focused and easy to follow.
      By the way, is it because this is a Christian base setup I also noticed something, there are no Malays in Kawan or I missed them in the video? Or most homeless there are mainly of Chinese and Indians ethnics? Just curious on what I saw from the video.
      Last but now least, many of us read your blogs everyday but do not comment everytime coz everything need to be said is already being said by you and your other commentors…..but we do come in your blog to read…(refering to your earlier post).

    4. Bout two Saturdays ago my CG made a trip to Kawan too. Such an coincidence. However, when we were there, there were not much people because it was a Wesak day. So most of the homeless people went to temple instead to get money.

      Two of the volunteers there, Mark and Jane (they are probably not there that day cause they are in Tanzania now), are in my CG so we decided to make it our CG activity and went to sing in Hokkien (Hokkien service on Saturday morning) and share with them and finally provide them some food.

      What I see?
      1. A lot of people went to temple during Wesak Day. =P When we were there, there were very few people only.
      2. I love the editing. Shows more of that place compared to our photos.
      3. The people there are very friendly. I thought some will get angry if you take

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    5. Is sad to know there are so many people out there without food and shelter. At the same time, happy to learn that there are also many kind and loving souls in our midst. Thanks for this touching video!!

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