This is a video I edited last night. I am beginning to love editing because it is like writing a million words without actually writing. The video clips were shot by coursemate, CJ Jimmy.

I hope you guys will give me some comments on what you see. I am not asking for techniques/lighting/sound system (cos I just notice it is mono when on the external mike) but rather

  • what kind of message did this video convey to you?
  • Does the sights, the faces of the people, their spirits, their selfless efforts move you?
  • Are you aware of similar soup kitchen around your area ?
  • Do you have any similar organisations, big or small which you want us to cover for you?
  • Please note how certain parts are so colour co-ordinated. I just love the background, i.e. the wall murals. Notice the Indian girl wore the same dress last Friday and yesterday? The parents asked her to talk because they said her English is good. And please don’t ask me to do something for her because my duty ends at citizen journalism. I cannot tear myself to do everything for every subjects I encountered because there are many, many such people. Jimmy and I will attempt to give the video to the Exco and DCM2 and hope for the best. There are many organisations looking into the plight of the family and I shall pray they find the best solution for the children. But if you think you can help, then, go to Kawan and find them.

    Let me know how you feel after watching the video? Sad? Enlightened? Realisation of what a beautiful world this is with so many encouraging stories? Frustration that so many are in this condition? What?