Nite out with the boys in adult companies

Those sleepless nights, diaper changing, milk making, fussy crying all night long, hyperactive baby who didn’t know how to sleep, feeding are all history now.

Total liberation! Hallelujah! Thank God! Terima kasih Tuhan, Xie Xie Tien Zhu.

Now, I can go watch a movie, mamaking and beat red light with the boys till past midnight. Only two boys. Because we are watching Angels and Demons and it is rated 18 and above.


I prefer the book than the movie. However, for a Catholic, Vatican is of course a feast for the eyes. So, it is still a good movie, albeit a bit tiring because it is always the same Robert Langdon solving puzzles. Give me Indiana Jones anytime. Tom Hanks is too nerdy for my liking. After Da Vinci Code, puzzles are just too boring.

(that’s my roti telur bawang with kari telur ikan)

However, the ending is ok. I thought there is going to be an armageddon, kaboom, all dead or something. Then, I can stop being Catholic. LOL. The sky is awesome though.

Met Father EP who went to the movie too. So surprised to see him that late at (mid)night cos I thought he also have to curfew like his charges. Hehehe. Should have asked Father EP to join us for teh tarik so that he can tell my two sons and I how much of the movie is fake and how much is real.


As we were coming back, road repair works are going on at Jalan Scotland. The road is going to be so smoooooth….

(short 36 sec video taken with my digicam)
Mr. Tan of MPPP said the stretch of Queensbay Mall road is under JKR and he has c.c. his mail to JKR. Mr. Tan has been very prompt in responding to my email regarding the road conditions.


Today is the first time I watch a movie in premier class. Since the seats for the normal class left only the front rows, we bought premier class. I went in and go…wuah….the chair can recline one, wah….so spacious one…..And my son said, “You so noisy, next time we don’t bring you out already.” Sounds familiar?

13 thoughts on “Nite out with the boys in adult companies

  1. Thanks Lilian, I saw some roadrollers at the QB stretch this morning on my way to work. That means, they are doing something.

    Hey, next coming election, can campaign liau? You have my vote oredi….kekeke.

  2. KGC – Hahaha, wait I see MCA, Gerakan, DAP, PKR, UMNO and PAS offers first. Must be over RM5M baru I consider, ok? LOL. But MPPP Mr. Tan was very nice lah, he replied my email within a couple of hours that they are doing it soon. (cos all sked of 5xmom cos their ‘big boss’ may be reading mah)

  3. kadusmama – Yalah, mommy’s day out, bapak jaga anak lah. Anyway, the man won’t like the movie (since it is so Catholic-ky) anyway.. And hor, I dare not tell him we went premier class, or else sure kena marah LOL cos the ticket is double the price. But it is kind of cool lah, I am like the only mommy there cos late show. Semua orang muda. Praise God my sons don’t have hang-ups and lantak mak sebelah, malu kat orang nanti.

  4. The last part… God! I love it – Reversal of Roles…. Hahaha… I do that to my Mum too!

  5. auntie lilian try out gold class before? its RM50 perseat was the pricing when i was working however i never tried penang Gold Class

  6. JT – Shh…cannot ask. Anyway, did you hear what I said, “Got camera” and my non-driving son said, “Those are bird nests” (cos some of those cameras at traffic lights don’t function and only serve as bird houses) 😉

  7. Lilian – the power of the people is alive and well in Penang. Unlike 18 years ago, I am glad you are playing your part. I believe many can do the same.

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