I put this on my Twitter and Facebook this morning.

A girl’s faith made me want to throw rocks at God and scream, “Hey Dude, why aren’t you answering your mails!!!!??” But…..(wait I blog)

And I wish I can really reach God that way. Pelt God with pebbles and ask Him what He is doing up there.
It is hard not to feel demoralise when you see all the pains, sufferings, hurts, injustice and sad stuffs going on. It is even harder to see little children with poor parents hanging around feeling helpless. They are such cute, adorable kids. They are trapped by poverty.

I cried after I left the scene. It is not pity that made me shed some tears over my Hokkien Mee and kopi-peng breakfast. It is how strong the young girl is inspite of her hardships. We chatted for a long time. She revealed a lot of things to me which are for my ears only. But I want to share part of the inspiring conversation on video. (P/S : If you hear azan at the back, it is coming from the Penang State Mosque and got recorded while I was narrating.)

I say it is Divine intervention that a woman who speaks good English told me part of the untold stories about the orange dress girl. (I usually do not believe 100% I hear) This Indian Muslim woman with her two sons were hanging around Kuan Yin temple too. She is not homeless but renting a room nearby. She asked me if I can help her submit the forms to apply for renting low cost flats. She said the rental is RM100 compared to the RM170 room she is renting now. I told her, “Give me the forms.” She said if a nobody applies, they will never get it. I wonder why she thinks I am a somebody? But looking at her and her two sons, I guess I can go an extra mile and give Ng Wei Aik (the ADun) nightmares if I have to. Or join DAP if I need to. (but maybe Makkal Sakthi may want me too)

Anyway, back to the conversation, I learnt many stuffs. And I am going to continue bugging the DCM2 for some help for the orange dress girl and her family. I know a lot of people may find me snobbish, idealistic, lansi and etc to go straight to the top but I feel it is a crime to turn a blind eye and not doing anything for her. It is a sin, as a Christian to have a heart of stone because obviously, we are not in Christ. That’s why the other day, I wrote to Prof. Ramasamy, disregarding whether he cares to listen or not. Of course, I name drop lah. I told Prof. Ramasamy if he needs reference of who I am, please ask jeng jeng jeng…..my #1 idol. Who dares to ignore, right? Smart, eh? Taking advantage…LOL

Prof. Ramasamy is so nice to reply my email within hours after I sent to him. Now, I shall pray that his good office will pull some strings, get the three little girls a home, find school for the two older girls and may God keep the father working hard as a trishaw rider to provide for the family.

I cannot imagine a cute six years old girl sleeping on the cement floor along Penang Road, the hawker centre in Victoria Street or the Esplanade basketball court. (but I am going to see it myself soon) We knew about this because last night, two of us CJs went to scour the town to search for this family and the other homeless people told us about them. Even the homeless folks took pity on the family. What more people like us?

I still want lastik God but I think I heard He smirks, “Woman, why do you think I equip you with skills to crap like no one else, master in tugging hearts and expert in video filming? You know what to do lah..Go do it and help Me, will you?”

Yes, Lord…

(Disclaimer : If you are a constipated Christian and feels I have offended thee with my thoughts on your image of God, sorry, too bad, I can’t help you get over your hang-ups. If you fail to see the truth, please gouge your eyes and never read my blog. If you cannot feel God’s love for the poor and homeless through my words, the midspan of Penang Bridge or 59th floor of Komtar are good places to begin your journey. Remember to leave your shoes behind before you jump, ok?)