God can be so unfair sometimes (no, don’t take me seriously)

I am all for these ‘I love Jesus’ stuffs but I have problems figuring out God. I mean, Jesus is cool, he has a wicked sense of hitting back, he exudes wisdom and he is radical. But God? He sends mixed messages and that baffles me.

Like for example, he created Eve to keep Adam’s company. If God can create Adam from mud, why didn’t he does the same thing for Eve? Why does he need to knock Adam’s out, take his rib to make Eve? So, we women are made of Adam’s bones. Which make us tougher, no? Since we are made of bones, flesh and blood while Adam is a piece of mud. Or is it dust (bah, I cannot remember Genesis much)

Then, there is this special gift God gave to us women. We can make babies. It is good. But doh…why do we have to bleed at least 3-7 days a month, from 13 years old to 53 years old? That’s 40 years of bleeding times 12 months equals 480 times of bleeding in a woman’s life time. Let’s say we take an average 5 days times 480, that’s 2,400 days of bleeding…..That’s so unproductive because we need to pay extra for pads and tampons, we are out of service and we have to stress ourselves out taking care that there are no leaks and stains.

Let’s not even talk about the nasties like when you have an unusual cycle and you get this headache, cold feet and woozy feelings. And you lost the appetite to eat and yet, low sugar make the woozy feeling worse.

I just cannot figure out why God needs to make us bleed that many days just to make one baby? After all, we have taken the task of carrying a baby for nine months, certainly God should be more considerate and spare us from all the fuss, no?

I am still not happy that God smack us women with 2,400 day of bleeding while men can go without it. And it is also unfair that men can sow their seeds and not getting pregnant will we women have to take all the responsibilities. Plus the only mess they make is the wet dreams while we have to deal with stained bedsheets.

God is certainly man. And I hate to think that he is a bit of a chauvinist like all the other Adam’s descendants he created.

Still, I love Jesus. Because Jesus is much less chauvinist.

(Disclaimer : Again, if you have problems with my images of ‘God’ and your images of ‘your God’, it’s not my problem.)

6 thoughts on “God can be so unfair sometimes (no, don’t take me seriously)

  1. Salam,
    I always thought in Christianity God and Jesus is GOD, so actually it’s different meh?…hmmmmm…

    In Islam, the period thingy and all the bleeding stuff is one way for God to forgive your sins (women definitely).

    So women must be happy,bleeding also God forgive sins.

    Summore you know Muslims pray five times a day right..so when the period come,sudahlah they dun need to pray….but they still gt the same ‘pahala’ like those people who perform 5 times prayer a day…walaweh…and at the same times,all the minor sins are forgiven…

    But the above is from Islamic perspective,definitely there is a reason behind it in Christianity too…

    There must be a reason for everything…Eve is from Adam ribs so that men..until today would feel incomplete without women in their life…dun care lar whether she is your mother,sister,gurl fren yadda,yadda…

  2. Hmmm…. is ur ‘aunty’ visiting?? Those r the questions that i keep asking whenever i feel grumpy during AV, and not forget bout the terrible abdomen cramp…..

  3. Lilian

    I remembered you are following a Theology course.
    Expand this thesis and hey, Presto! you are in for a PhD…

    NB: I have deleted the old email.

  4. LOL..i sent God a why-mail & countless reminders liau..still no reply yet.

    if women bleed, men shld carry d baby or vice versa

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