Last Sunday, I braved the winding roads to Paya Terubong and got myself awfully lost in the maze of pigeon holes call apartments, flats and low cost flats to find Block 9/11 Taman Terubong Jaya. I couldn’t find it on Google map. There are no road directions. So, I asked guard after guard where it is. Finally, found one after the fourth try. I was driving alone so it was doubly difficult as the roads are all so narrow and there is hardly place to stop.

I was absolutely sure that I brought my homemade media tag but I had the embarrassment of misplacing it (or lost it cos until now, I still can’t find it). I couldn’t prove myself who I am to the rukun tetangga chap who is the organiser. They asked me if I am a ‘ki chia’ (reporter) and I told them, ‘citizen journalist’ which sounds greek to them. So, I said, ‘internet ki chia’ (internet reporter). Lucky that I took the trouble to wear decently though my make-up was running due to the heat of the community hall, the long walk to find the right block of flats and the entrance in the mazes of pigeon holes.

However, the first time, I went to block 7 and they were having some residents meeting and they have no idea where is the community hall (in block 11). Can you figure? I said, “Wa lai mah wah eh event, chit peng si boh?”

Lucky, I have imprinted in my mind who will be the top organiser there so I quickly gave a sweeeet smile to Mr. Koh like he is expecting me (so that the rest of the over eager chao ah bengs won’t shoo me away as Mr. Koh was sitting at the VIP table) I know who is Dato’ Koay cos my ex-boss knew him. After I kautim my tripod, arranged my camera and etc, I started filming.

(yes, I am aware of the grammar error but I am too lazy to amend, ok?)

You know what? It is kind of freaky because here we are….the #1 fan of LGE, gate crashing an event by MCA. I went because I want both sides of the stories. Too bad the place was sooooo noisy and my wireless mike drowned out my own voice during the interview.

However, I explained to Dato’ Koay that I had been around the poor people in Georgetown, I had been to LGE press conference on zero hardcore poverty declaration and I am only doing this because I feel it as my social responsibility to be aware of the kind of financial aid available for the poor. Thank God, Dato’ Koay is rather nice and accommodating.

Then again, do you think I merely go because of gathering information? Noo….I went because I could get MCA to comment on Gerakan’s remarks that DAP and MCA are fighting over the poor, trying to outdo each other. I told Dato’ Koay it is a good, because it benefits the poor and I am supporting both sides. Give more, more, more….I printed the blog post by Gerakan and oh boy…Dato’ Koay was awfully pissed reading it. Muahahahar…now I get them into triangle love for the poor. Clever eh?

Of course, there are the juicy parts of ‘bend a bit’ but it is not so professional to report that.