Balik Pulau – lousy foods, good durians, awesome sunset


Durian season is peaking at the moment. However, the branded durian ain’t cheap. Still it is a once a year affair and the farmers need to feed their families, you know?


All my children are durian eaters because they have liulian mother.


We went to Bukit Genting. Lousy foods. Gawdy decor.


Nice views though.


The sunset was awesome because of the dusty atmosphere.


In fact, the only thing worthy in Bukit Genting is the sunset.

It has been a while since I took photos of sunset, flower, fun stuffs. Lately, it has been sob sob stories of others’ lives, harsh reality of daily things and etc. Whatever happened to me? Who moved my cheese?

11 thoughts on “Balik Pulau – lousy foods, good durians, awesome sunset

  1. The Bukit Genting place is still operating?? The one with the steep steep slope? I look at the steep slope also sked to drive up.

  2. Momo – Yalor, I thought closed liao. That day, we citizen journalists went up to film the balik pulau highway and I got a video of Bukit Genting. It seems to be lagi steep. I tell my sons, if I drive, I sure pee in my car seat and my knees sure all lembik till cannot stand.

  3. Yea, I can’t agree more BG has lousy food and service. The only thing worthy is the scene.

    I think you can sell the second last pic lah. Very got feel! Haha…

  4. c&c – I drank Carlsberg with durian and didn’t die also LOL. Not enough, I drank Ribena with vodka, also nothing happens.

    Bryan – Yalor, so song only, I walking in the rain in Air Putih market LOL.

    Momo – Poor you, working slave. Traffic was so bad! I took almost 10 mins just to get to kindie and lucky I decided I am not driving to Tanjung Bungah or else sure reach there too stressed and I ended up arguing with the lecturer.

    C – Thanks, C!

  5. Hey Lilian,

    Saw ur pix from website.. I’m from Singapore and wil be traveling to Penang for holidays.. My friend told me there’s nice Durian at Balik Pulau.. Would you be able to provide some advise? U can email me… 🙂

    Sorry for the trouble and hope to hear from you soon.. Thanks. 🙂

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