Who moved my sun?

You know what? The other day I wrote an email about the Scotland Road’s repair and like magic, the road was repaired. Meanwhile, I am still getting emails from JKR that the stretch in Queensbay is being looked into.

So, let’s try my luck and see if I complain about the haze, will the haze go away? LOL. Who knows…someone heard and blow the haze away like magic?

It has been terribly hot and humid here in Penang these few days. That’s why I get those lovely sunset because the dust particles make sunsets absolutely fabulous.


If you want to view nice sunset from Penang island, you need to go to Balik Pulau or Teluk Kumbar to view it.

This morning, I stopped my car at Gurney Drive to take a quick video of how depressing it is when our island is shrouded in haze and our beloved Gurney Drive is covered with mud, thanks to ‘another Project by Barisan Nasional’. I was in a hurry so I didn’t managed to shoot the mud. The MPPP parking attendant is going to collect 40 sens if I stopped longer.

I am not sure if the haze is Made-in-Indonesia or like Martin Jalleh said, Made-in-Bolehland. Still, it is freaking depressing….No sun, gray skies, hot, humid and bleh.


Back to yesterday sunset, I asked my 13 yrs old son to use my DSLR to take a ‘nice nice photo of your mommy with all her curves’. He did. He said, “Ma….look, you got shape. It is all round.” *makes mental note to reduce his inheritance from my will*

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  1. yea..you did a good job. I noticed the road was repaired when i went back to Penang last weekend.

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