Aiyorrr….Aminah…that’s like shiok-shiok ledi, say ‘I don’t know it was sex’

I tell you…..

some people can really make you go wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf with their statements.

Now, Aminah just did that to me.

Aminah, the former Penang PKR women’s wing head, related that Cheah and Lim were her close friends while she was in the party for almost 10 years.

She vehemently refuted the suggestion that she had betrayed close friends and failed to honour their friendship when she had recorded their conversation without their knowledge.

“I did not betray my friends. I only took precautionary steps to safeguard myself,” she said angrily, alleging that PKR leaders routinely record discussions.

(if you want the full story, you have to read Malaysiakini)

Friends for 10 years still can record conversation and then, wait for the most opportune time, revealed it. And somemore say she is innocent. Aiyor…..want to bluff who lah.

*ok, ok, back to video editing, listening to 1,001 times of narration and will puke goreng pisang soon*

7 thoughts on “Aiyorrr….Aminah…that’s like shiok-shiok ledi, say ‘I don’t know it was sex’

  1. i totally agree with what u had mention there bout Aminah and how they betray the 10 years of friendship. Why she did this? it was such a shame for her!

  2. better than drama minggu ini that was aired in RTM many donkey years ago! now, the plot thickens….. suspennya

  3. and i tot zambly of perak is the laughin stock of msia… till tis ‘kak min’ came along and stole his thunder…

    our descendants will laugh at this two political figure..

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