I hate…

  • folding laundry
  • washing dishes
  • mopping floor
  • lame men with lame lines like Prince Charles tampon talk with Camillia
  • constipation
  • piece of fibres/meat stuck in between teeth
  • ironing
  • lame men who sulk like girls
  • diarrhea
  • step on dog’s poo
  • ran out of favourite shampoo
  • biatches who backstab, bad mouth, gossip, whine and sulk
  • hot, burning sun
  • lying politicians
  • paranoid police
  • but for today, I think I shall not hate cos my request is granted! Woohoo!

    Oh ya, I also hate:

  • wet blanket comments
  • (they will be blacklisted so I don’t need to see them anymore muahahahar

    Got one more thing. I hate Jimmy Leow for spoiling my curry mee, lok lok and char koay teow indulgence because now I have to think twice whether to include si-hum (kerang) in the foods I love to eat. Why can’t you leave my toxic foods alone lah?

    11 thoughts on “I hate…

    1. Jerine – Nay, those ppl who commented out of topic and spoil all my post bcos of one stupid off track comment.

      JT – Hahaha, yakah?

    2. Anon – Tiu. Lu lupa makan ubat kah? Hospital Bahagia forget to lock their gate issit? And I hate you too.

      Jerine – LOL, don’t worry, only I got these terms.

    3. Marcellinus – Obscene no, but obnoxious yes if the commentors tok 3 tok 4 and spoil my line. I forgot to mention, I used to hire a bodyguard here too. Nay, that comment #5 & #6. But he resigned and is working for 1Moneysia.

    4. Ya, the area around Bayan Lepas factories stinks. The Prai side is even worse. Actually I wanted to get one those houses in a taman near Queensbay. But, hubby objected and decided to stay far away from it. He used to work there and he knows the extent of the toxic waste those plants emitting into the air and drain/river everyday. Scary……

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