• folding laundry
  • washing dishes
  • mopping floor
  • lame men with lame lines like Prince Charles tampon talk with Camillia
  • constipation
  • piece of fibres/meat stuck in between teeth
  • ironing
  • lame men who sulk like girls
  • diarrhea
  • step on dog’s poo
  • ran out of favourite shampoo
  • biatches who backstab, bad mouth, gossip, whine and sulk
  • hot, burning sun
  • lying politicians
  • paranoid police
  • but for today, I think I shall not hate cos my request is granted! Woohoo!

    Oh ya, I also hate:

  • wet blanket comments
  • (they will be blacklisted so I don’t need to see them anymore muahahahar

    Got one more thing. I hate Jimmy Leow for spoiling my curry mee, lok lok and char koay teow indulgence because now I have to think twice whether to include si-hum (kerang) in the foods I love to eat. Why can’t you leave my toxic foods alone lah?