Who brought the rain?

It is 8:18am. Tralalala…I should be on the road, dropping my little boy at kindie in Island Park and then, driving on empty stomacy, rush to Tanjung Bungah to attend my saiko class. But I decided it does me more good to cut class than to do that.

So, here I am…at 8:18 am, blogging in my cold, aircond room while I can hear the rain pelting outside.

Of course, it is bad to ponteng class. But who cares….you are not my mother. No one can tell me what to do….Hey, even my mother failed to tell me what to do most of the times.

Class has been boring teramat sangat yesterday. I think it is because I am too dogmatic and I am too sure of things, nothing gets in my head anymore. We are now at the stage of adulthood psychology. Wahlau eh, I learned ‘You got to tame me first’. That sounds kinky to me. But too bad, not in saiko class like mine.

Then, I learned corny lines which will make perfect pick-up lines. But again, too bad, my bus has left the station. If I tried that with the husband, he will probably say, “Gila kah? You go psychology class kah, you go psychology hospital?”

It is still raining. I am so reluctant to wake my son. Never mind, let him sleep another 10 minutes. Let him be late for school cos the traffic will be horrendous anyway. Better late than getting wet in the rain and falling sick after that.

So, we developed that Isolation stage at some point in our lives, right? But no…..the lecturer said, “It is healthy to have intimacy.” Now, that sounds kinky to me again. But, he is not talking about sex. He is talking about investing time in a relationship where we build intimate relationships. He said, “It is good, It is healthy” (or maybe he didn’t say that but I heard it) And I go…’Righhttttt…..later my husband take parang chop me into 18 pieces time, I tell him, Husband, my teacher said I must invest in an intimate relationship with other people, other than yourself.’ That time I don’t know if my mouth is still intact to say anything or not.

So, today, I declared I am not going to class because it starts at 8.40 am (other days are 9.40 and 10.40 am) and unless I wake my poor kid extremely early and drop him in kindie before other kids arrive, I will be late. Taking Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and Erik Erikson’s advices, I decided to empower me….You are not my mother, you cannot nag me.

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  1. hello i am Penangite living abroad, i do visit your blog on and off for quite some time already, and i enjoy very much, i like your video too 🙂 Thanks.

  2. ermmm…. do you mind if i borrow your ‘power’ to ask for money to drop down from the sky ah ?? more meaningful in this trying times. 😛

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