Hopelessly lost

My two older sons are very cruel. The other day, I told them that if the father is busy working during the school holidays, I can drive them to KL. And they made so many jokes about me that makes me wonder if I have indeed brought back the right babies from the hospital.

The two of them were laughing like hyenas at the back of the car. Like, “You know? Your ma can even get lost in Midvalley toilets, you imagine if we let her drive to KL? She sees two junction, she already panic and go aiyor, left or right, left or right, which is left, which is right?”

Then, another one added fuel, “If your ma is a reporter ha………, the news published already and she is still driving around, searching for the location.”

After that, they chorused, “Your ma, when you ask her to read maps, she always read the opposite direction!”

So, with that kind of negative inputs from the son, how can I not be totally lost? This morning, I wanted to go to the Rifle Range post office. I have been there like 6 times already. But today, I used a different road because I was coming from another direction.

And first, I drove right into the very, very densely populated, poor man’s flat and went, oh oh…this is the rubbish dump.

Then, I turned out and drove into another less densely populated flats, into a kampung.

Third time, I went, “oh oh, this is the graveyard”

So, I turned back again. And I saw PBA. The first time, many months ago when I wanted to go to the post office, I knew I had phoned hubby and asked him the location. I was at the PBA area and he told me to drive further. (but you see, I wasn’t sure if I am on the same side of the road or not)

This time, I am lost again. So, I wanted to phone him again. But I think twice. That man is going to scold, “Haiyor, how many times you been to the post office? Rifle Range got only one road, how can you get lost?”

Anyway, I wasn’t in a hurry so I drove around and finally found the post office…….

All the while, Michael Buble was crooning Lost to me….

Thanks, (you know who you are) for the parcel. Got it and will pass it to them on Friday.

18 thoughts on “Hopelessly lost

  1. You are not alone.. Women seem to have worse sense of direction than men. I am hopeless when it comes to reading maps..

  2. I remember one of my uni course mates had to go one big round back to the main campus gate before she could find her way to the next destination. She said her brain already programme all routes from one starting point only. And today she is doing her PhD in the same campus. Wonder she still needs to do that or not…haha….

  3. hey, we r in the same boat. in fact I won’t even dare to venture out from my house if I have to drive a alone. but its different now thanks to technology. why don’t you consider getting a GPS. you will have a “female” in the car directing you where to turn and so on. its damn useful. do consider getting 1 unit. I remember I was driving like a local when in fact it was my first time in Lumut last year.

  4. flochai – I did thought of getting that when I was getting my mobile phone a few months back. But you know hor, my kids all also laughing, sure the GPS drives her even crazier….so I didn’t. Maybe I should….

    Domino – I seriously think I have problems in my brain circuit lah, I really cannot tell right from left. LOL.

    Kelly – But we have instinct and we are not shy to ask for directions.

  5. I’ve also a very bad sense of direction. The only way to get around is GPS. These days most cars come with a navigation system. I’ll be totally lost without it. So u are not alone.

  6. Apa itu GPS??? Boleh makankah???

    GPS for Ah Kuas lah. I currently using drebar. LOL *cabuts*

  7. It is all due to God. God makes men has instinct to view map better than women. This is because in the olden time, men is required to hunt for living. God give men the ability to travel around. Men’s mind can convert images into 3D view or even bird view. a flat map can be visualize in 3 dimension. God gives women other ability like multi-tasking. A mummy can take care of baby while talking over the phone and still know what going on at the TV…. hahaha… that is why men is out for hunting and women stay home to take care their household. It’s nature So Lilian, don’t blame yourself…… you have the ability then men don’t have…cheer 🙂

    Tzee Meng´s last blog post..Duan Wu Jie

  8. Lilian, fret not. I was born in Ipoh, grew up in Ipoh, lived there for 18 years, and I still get lost there each time I go home. I’ve also lived in KL for 10 years, and I still get lost. Yes, the bf makes fun of me all the time, to an extent of chastising me for not remembering my way around, but hey, I’m a woman! I’m entitled to get lost!

    That’s why the map reading task is left to the men, while we women enjoy the ride! I always tell him that.

    Lil’ Ms Pinky´s last blog post..Of being young and having big dreams

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