I have watched this over and over again. And I think I have summed up the homeless issue.

Script is written by me. Narration by Jimmy and I (because I think people will go deaf or puke if they listen to me for nine minutes continuously). Video filming by various people, but mostly Jimmy and I. This time, I have inserted some photos taken with my DSLR camera because our video cameras cannot take very nice shots at night.

I know I narrate very fast but that’s me and I cannot slow down.

And Terence – don’t you dare to say the homeless people are about to slide down the stool because my horizon is senget sebelah. I know!!!! But I was too lazy to edit my photos.

And JT – don’t look at the technique/editing so much because our video cam is really, really basic. But tell me if the story starts and ends with a complete story. (since you like to critic so much mah)

And dan lain-lain people, please comment if you can conclude anything after wasting nine minutes of your time, listening to me?

Tell me, please? I will clean up a few clips and then, I am going to mail the link to the CM to remind him of his pledge. And his political secretary better reply and thank me or else……(muahahar….I got a lot of clips from the street people complaining about Ng Wei Aik. They said they never see their ADun from Tanjong. He only come down to catch people with Rela, never serve, only catch. Ng Wei Aik, you sucks!)