Video – Comments pls pls pls pls pls (before I email to CM)

I have watched this over and over again. And I think I have summed up the homeless issue.

Script is written by me. Narration by Jimmy and I (because I think people will go deaf or puke if they listen to me for nine minutes continuously). Video filming by various people, but mostly Jimmy and I. This time, I have inserted some photos taken with my DSLR camera because our video cameras cannot take very nice shots at night.

I know I narrate very fast but that’s me and I cannot slow down.

And Terence – don’t you dare to say the homeless people are about to slide down the stool because my horizon is senget sebelah. I know!!!! But I was too lazy to edit my photos.

And JT – don’t look at the technique/editing so much because our video cam is really, really basic. But tell me if the story starts and ends with a complete story. (since you like to critic so much mah)

And dan lain-lain people, please comment if you can conclude anything after wasting nine minutes of your time, listening to me?

Tell me, please? I will clean up a few clips and then, I am going to mail the link to the CM to remind him of his pledge. And his political secretary better reply and thank me or else……(muahahar….I got a lot of clips from the street people complaining about Ng Wei Aik. They said they never see their ADun from Tanjong. He only come down to catch people with Rela, never serve, only catch. Ng Wei Aik, you sucks!)

15 thoughts on “Video – Comments pls pls pls pls pls (before I email to CM)

  1. Nicely done. I am sure the CM will get the message.

    Woi!! I don’t criticize when its official business lah!!! Tiu!!

  2. Damn Chi Sing – What official business lah. I where got do anything call official one? The CM gets what message ah? That my voice is damn sweeeeeet? LOL. Got potential be a political biatch?

  3. You’ve got all major demographics (different ages and races) covered in this issue, which I really think is a job well done! It would be perfect if more locations are covered too but that’s too much to ask for lah. 🙂

    By the way, Oh Beng speaks better English than some high school students.

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  4. bryan – Actually, got one location is where the Muslims homeless are but Jimmy and I takut to approach them. It is at Kapitan there, just across the road. People did ask me, why no Malays are homeless? There are but I scared they wrongly interpret, think I spreading religion, I masuk jail, mou tak kheng type one. So, I didn’t do it.

  5. Good! Much better arranged. Only thing ah, I have to keep rewinding back when you spoke, cannot catch you lah, sometimes like bullet train……..
    Othwerwise, CM should get the “picture”.

  6. Well done,simple and honest.Even if government dont get the point,this has definately created an awareness and changed my mindset.

    It’s also an eye-opener for our children(esp city kids)Seeing is believing.They need to know that this situation is very real and still exist.And nothing beats the girl in the yellow dress…..”God is so good”inspite of her hardship.

  7. I will be in Penang for three weeks from 4 to 25 June.09 . I would like to help in the Kawan Centre for the homeless during my “holiday” Am I welcome to do so? Who do I contact when I am there. Please confirm the address of Kawan Centre in Love Lane.Regards JL.

  8. Geraldine – Thanks! That God encounter when I least expect it is a reward of sorts for all the hours I spent with them.

  9. Pity Ng Wei Aik, I think there is some rashomon play here.
    I afraid Malaysia are yet to adapt the concept of homeless shelter.

    And part where Ng Wei Aik will kena :
    the old way of welfare department are “tangkap” homeless and send them to the welfare department “shelter”. This is how it works in Bolehland for many years. Unless they start enact dedicated homeless shelter.

    And I heard that so call national welfare department are not under direct authority of state government.

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  10. moo_t – No, the welfare department is a confusing maze. They have the Fed Gov funded ones and the State Gov funded ones. Applying for the right welfare from the right department is enough to make literate people like us confused, what more illiterate ignorant and yet, most deserving people. Only when politicians want to seek cheap publicity they will go down and help. But lucky not all politicians lah, at least there are still some very dedicated party workers who genuinely help. I met one Gerakan division chief like this the other day. I am hoping to make video of him but lazy to do the translation now.

  11. Agree. Good politician will solve the problem and make sure it ended there.
    Politikus seek publicity and let the problem dangling there forever.
    The good news is, Ng Wei Aik are not “matured” politikus. The bad news is, he is clueless politicians that have NO IDEA about his actual roles : draft policies and monitor those department oversee by him.

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  12. Just did some R&D. Make sure I am not shooting the wrong person .
    N22 ADUN Tanjong Bungah – Teh Yee Cheu
    N28 ADUN Komtar – Ng Wei Aik

    I am not sure whether the people that told your about the “catching ops” are confuse or they try to confuse you.
    BTW, ADUN cannot “instruct” rela to tangkap people since that is not their authority. Due to many unprofessional rela operations, ADUN that take the observatory part might be confuse as the participants. Just my 2 cents.

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  13. moo – Chey, you stay in Penang or I stay in Penang lah? Tanjong means town means Komtar lah. The Star featured Ng Wei Aik gave chase and a reporter cornered a homeless guy with the reporter’s bike. If not, you think I dare to say Ng Wei Ai, you sucks meh? Cos I read that in the paper, heard it from several homeless people and that’s how I know lah. But we have a caring ADun, Phee Boon Poh to handle this matter now. Even the homeless uncle told us, now under ‘wen pau’ better than wei yik. See? I know Mandarin one….

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