Hare Krsna

How much do you know about other religions? How well do you tolerate when their beliefs are totally opposing to yours? How mature are you in accepting the differences?

I admit I totally have no idea about Hare Krsna before I went for this interview. I have the impression they are part of the hippies movement or part of Hinduism. But after listening to the explanation, I was so much more enlightened.

The above video is the first of a series of videos we are making on religions/faiths practised by Malaysians. God’s willing, I hope to cover most of the major faiths/religions.

So far, we have covered Hare Krsna and Sai Baba. Yesterday night Sai Baba filming was so surreal to me. I was like, “Jimmy, OMG, what is Jesus doing there? And Mother Mary! ” because Sai Baba devotees offer worship to every major faiths Divine Being/gods/deities. When I was in Hare Krsna, I was about to break into giggles because the priests there didn’t know we were there to film and thought we were there to pray. So, he gave us joss-sticks and I was there kneeling and waiting for several minutes, wondering what to do…Last night, I know I better stick to filming and not interviewing because I am just speechless to see how all embracing Sai Baba devotees are. I couldn’t get over the ‘OMG, MY Jesus is standing there too!’

Tomorrow, Jimmy and I have the opportunity to go to St. Xavier Institution to interview Bro Paul and also to film how the students there worship because it is their annual Worship Day. (It is Divine Intervention that we get to go on this most appropriate day.) All the students will go to their respective society/clubs and worship.

I can tell you, it is not easy to cover religious issues but God’s willing, I am going to bring the major faiths to everyone’s access. Sure we can read it up on the net but we Malaysians are ignorant how the other faiths are practised here in Malaysia and I believe all of us will be better persons once we know.

Hope all are enlightened with the explanation from Hare Krsna’s temple administrator. Hare Krsna, Hare Rama.

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  1. Sai Baba teaches his devotees to be better Christians, Buddhists, Muslims i.e. one doesn’t have to give up one’s faith to embrace his teachings. If only people of different faiths were willing to set aside their differences and to love others unconditionally, the world would be a better and peaceful place…

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