First, I am going to brag. Whoopee! I got 47/50 marks for my saiko class. Beat that, everyone! Nyek…..But now, the lecturer has thrown a question back to me….which requires some soul searching….

Anyway, I have like 15 mins to take a breather before I go out for class and want to jot this down.

Lust – You can control. Let’s say you are (a man) married to the only child of a rich monster-in-law. And your anaconda wants to roam a bit. Thinking of the consequences like ending up penniless and penisless, you can control the lust…..

(if you don’t know what is anaconda, please put a question in the comment box : Terence, please explain)

But the wise sage 5xmom says that there is one thing that you cannot control in this world.

It is pangsai…

You see, I dropped my son at kindie this morning and went for ark thui mee (duck drumstick herbal noodle) at my taman here. Then, adui…..I got kick. I was pondering…should I ignore the calling? Just drive straight to class earlier and try to discuss some arrangements with Fr EP?

But the calling is so strong……

College’s toilet is faulty and I hate filling water into the tank….

Home is just 2 mins away…

So, I decided to go home lah.

The cramp is getting urgent. Faster, wanna come out ledi….faster walk…

Then, I met Mrs. Tan from fifth floor….and she chats

After that, I met Mrs. Wong from second floor and she makes some courtesy chats too….

All the while, my mind was like, “Eh, let’s cut the story short, you know my routine already, let me go, release me from your clutches of semangat kejiranan…”

Thank God I didn’t meet Mr. & Mrs. Chong from third floor who will take even longer because they are trying to lasso me back to the church in my BEC. Lucky…phew…..or else..You know lah, Christians tend to be even friendlier and talk even more….

And I made the conclusion that in this world, you can control everything. But not your shit. When it has to come, it has to come. No delays.