I should have taken a photo with Bro. Paul but I totally forgot! Now, I got no proof I have interviewed the coolest headmaster.

He is funny but I think I was the only one laughing at his jokes. During the school assembly, he was telling the students, “This is like the United Nations. As I am talking, translations are going on. See? Form Three are translating in Tamil right now.” Students nowadays are different from my time. When I was in school, when the headmaster spoke, the students hushed up and listened. Now, they talk as he talks.

Then, during mass, Bro. Paul made it clear that the Holy Communion is for baptised Catholics because we believed in the Body and Blood of Christ in the piece of wafer given to us. So, he told a few of the students whom he knows are not baptised Catholics. He said, “If you take it…tonight…when you sleep….you are going to hear….” (and he made ghostly sounds). He explained that the students can attend RCIA or catechism class if they want.

I celebrated mass with the Catholic students. Father Dominic came. Meanwhile, Jimmy was running around his alma mater filming the rest of the students. The Muslim students prayed in the open court, the Buddhist students prayed in the hall, the Hindu students at another location, Sikhs at another place. It has to be the most beautiful way of getting our children to ‘at least believe there is God lah’ (Bro. Paul’s words). Because Bro Paul said many students do not have that faith to cling to and when they hit a wall, some ended up in a mess or even committed suicide.

In a way, it is kind of sad that he is leaving. But like he said, there is the internet!

Oh ya, I also forgot to ask him if he reads my blog. Ish! Nolah, actually I was quite nervous so I hampalang forgot all about it.

I thank God and praise God that this interview and filming of the school was made possible. Thank God for Bro. Paul too. Thank you, Bro Paul for giving to the Lord.

5 thoughts on “Fuyoh!

  1. pilocarpine – *still swoooning from the interview* You know hor, my two older sons said, “Dieeee, your mader has a crush on our headmaster.” My #3 son lagi dahsyat, “Why don’t you marry him?” LOL, my sons…I am so proud of them. We are so open and frank with each other. I told them, “yayaya, if he is not ‘married to Jesus Christ’….I would, you know?”

  2. Eric – So it was you who asked Jimmy. He told me, Die lah, dunno how they know I am Jimmy Leow. Both of us have some lovely shots this morning and I hope to make several videos from them. Tune in and share with your school mates, ya?

    Angie – Ya, he is really funny. My son said when he wants to whack people with the rotan, he also can joke one.

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