OMG, I can’t stop laughing at Tun M’s sex joke

You just got to love that man for his humour.

“You know, we are born together, we grow up together, we play together, we enjoy life together, we grow old together,” he paused and then came the clincher.

“But why must that thing die before me,” he said, bringing down the house.

Mahathir, who obviously enjoyed telling the joke, was grinning from ear to ear.

“Anyway, for me it’s quite harmless (to view porn). Looking at these things, you really have nostalgia … nothing wakes up at all, everything is dead,” he said, referring to his inability to ‘rise to occasion’ in this case.

Born together but that thing die first. Poor thing….

Oh dear me….I cannot stop laughing.

Pfizer!!!!! Are you reading this? Please sponsor our Tun lah!

Excerpts taken from Dr M on sex at 80 on Malaysiakini

Now, I wonder what a male friend will say cos I warned him if he choose a certain faith, he has to close shop at 50 yrs old. I asked him if he is sure he is ready to go celibate in another six years time.

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