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It is the start of the school holidays. Two whole weeks for mommy and babies bonding. My kids will puke with the ‘my babies’ reference. Even my six years old boy refused to be kissed anymore. So sad, no more babies to kiss and snuggle.

Talking about the boy, if I am in my ‘i want to kiss you mood’, he will go ‘wait….only hugging, no kissing, kissing is for sissies’. Sigh…that’s what happened when he is so much influenced by the big brothers.

It is raining. The sky is grey. We Malaysians spell grey, g r e y, and not g r a y, right? I should be sleeping but I got a leg cramp and that woke me up at 8 am. God knows why I was bending one leg while sleeping? Maybe I was dreaming I am a dog and was pissing or something. Have you ever notice how agile dogs are when they want to piss? They will run run run and suddenly lifted up one leg and they pee. Then, they continue run run run.

Anyway, the leg cramp reminds me of the times when I was pregnant. I used to get leg cramps during pregnancies and the nightmare was I usually get cramps on both legs. I would wake up screaming and my hubby would jump up thinking I was in labour or something.

But now, no more pregnant, so leg cramp cannot ‘teh’ or ‘manja’ and screamed for him to help push my foot up to the shin to reduce the pain. Sendiri kena tanggung, slow slow extend and straighten the leg and then, slow slow pull back the foot.

Now, I am trying to recall what I was dreaming I was doing before the leg cramp.

And yeah, it is the weekend but we have no plans to go anywhere. Cos the places we want to go are fully booked.

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  1. kadusmama – Your comment is picked up by a spam and I terdeleted it. Here’s what kadusmama posted :

    I can sleep later than usual already..hehee at least for 2 weeks lah..
    So..u still going to lepak and drink kopi kaw early in the morning kah?

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