I found a message on my phone this morning, asking if I can cover a press conference at Lim Kit Siang’s house which is nearby my place.

Of course! It is a chance for me to go chase those politicians who haven’t reply my emails about the homeless people and other issues. And you know what other udang di sebalik batu lah…

So, I got there too early because there was no jam on a Saturday morning. I saw a couple of policemen and a police car. Being a noob, I hid in my car lah….Don’t later kena ‘Woman detained while on the way to Lim Kit Siang’s house’. You know how paranoid our police are, right?

But our videographer sifu reminded us that if we want prime location at any press conference, go early by half an hour, plonk your tripod and ‘jom’ the spot. Like a noob, I was there 25 mins early. Later on, other reporters started to arrive, in twos or fours.

There I was….all alone. And no one ‘hiu’ me ‘cos I si peh lansi face. So kesian, right? Somemore all the reporters speaking Mandarin and all below 25 yrs old. Poor, poor me, all alone….Then, the Bernama elephant size camera and other cameras with condenser mike with long long cable made me even more kesian….I shrunk to the size of a mouse….

After some action of LKS, Karpal Singh and LGE meeting the police in the house, while we reporters and fake reporter like me (actually I am pretending to be humble only) were outside shooting, they finally came out….

I put my video camera into my tripod and stood in position. And then…jeng, jeng, jeng….CM came out and said, “Hey Lilian, how are you? You are with Malaysiakini now issit?”

Wuah….can you imagine…damn bangga man…..The CM knows my name, you all know anot???? I laughed and told him, “No lah, I help them to cover only, no gaji one.”

After that, my camera somehow expand back like my ego. But thank God, my videos came out extremely good. One is already on malaysiakini.tv and one more is on the way. See? I lone ranger, no need one reporter, two cameramen to cover. No need condenser mike oso. Somemore hor, while people busy filming, I could stand back and fan myself because I got remote control to zoom in and out. I tell you, a few more press conference like this, the rest of the reporters sure boycott me. LOL. But really lah, it is nice to do it just for fun.

And that’s not all. I purposely put my video camera in my new Clinique free floral bag with pink and green colour. I use a pink paper notepad. LOL. Saja wanna act like I bimbo noob to throw people off because a lot of them wonder which lubang this auntie with flowery bag for a video camera pouch came from.

Come to think of it, I am so thankful for our Malaysiakini-ICFJ training because they really gave my coursemate and I a really good foothold. Or maybe because we are talented ‘fake reporter’.


After the press conference, I went over to Penanti to cover the by-election there. Jimmy and I just tagged along to see how the real pros work. So, the photos are just ‘poser’ lah. Still, it is good exposure and learning experience.

We went to this kampung with millions of house flies and interviewed Ari, an independent candidate. I like him because he is humble and stressed a lot on welfare for the poor people in Penanti. I have edited the video of the interview and wish him all the best.


So, it is all in a day’s work.


All you UMNO supporters in Penanti, go vote for Ari.