My relative who helps to do house cleaning for me told me about the USM blunder. I have stopped buying the printed Star and never read the online version.

She and I are pretty close, spiritually and emotionally. She has her ups and downs, so do I. However, thank God that though life is not easy for her, her three sons have managed to enter local U.

Her youngest son managed a place in USM. But his friends were not so lucky. Imagine getting an email that says ‘Tahniah, you got a place in USM’ and when you got there, you are told it is a mistake.

I wish they had called me yesterday to film the scandal. Tearful students, angry parents all have gone to USM only to be told it was a computer error. Thousands of them. Imagine their hopes dashed by such a stupid mistake. These are not any students but bright students with excellent results.

And though I hate to say this, majority of them are all Chinese. I don’t want to speculate….Moreover, can you imagine a highly rated university making such a moronic mistake?

Updated : I am glad to see that Lim Kit Siang is pursuing this. Are Gerakan and MCA doing the same thing for the students too?