Live life to the fullest

That’s Father FA’s homily for Pentecost.

It is such a simple reminder that many people often forget. A lot of people tend to dwell in the past, sorrowing over things they cannot change, finding life hard because of this very reason.

I didn’t notice how positive I was until I hear myself talking to Bro. Paul during my interview. Sometimes, we don’t see ourselves until we watched ourselves on video.

I have edited that part out of my interview so I guess I should jot this down somewhere so that I remember God’s grace. It is only with God’s grace and the strength of the Holy Spirit that I could say something so positive.

During the interview with Brother Paul, I asked him what will be his advice for parents dealing with teens. Somehow the conversation got to the part where I told him about my four sons, how good they are because I have never been summoned to Brother Paul’s office. We had a good laugh that the fact that I have never stepped foot in his office indicated that my kids, ranging from 19 years old to 13 years old who used to/are studying in SXI are pretty ok.

I shared with Bro Paul that my perspective of parenting changed drastically after the death of my fourth son. I told him how my three older boys used to help me care for the sick baby brother. After his death, I viewed life differently, changing priorities and I am more like a friend to my sons now than being a mother. I also told him about our conversion to Catholicism six years ago.

When I listened back to what I said, I reliased that one can only have that kind of positive tone, filled with thankfulness rather than sadness because of God’s grace.

So, today on Pentecost, Father FA reminded us that we are now filled with the Holy Spirit and we must make use of the gifts of the Holy Spirit to live life to the fullest. The seven gifts are wisdom, understanding, counsel (right judgement), fortitude (courage), knowledge, piety and fear/awe of the Lord.

Just in case people wonder what is Pentecost, it is the day the Holy Spirit (or the Holy Ghost) of Jesus Christ descended from Heavens and filled (possessed, if you like) Christians. So, in a way, we have the Holy Spirit (or the Roh Kudus) of Jesus in each of us. And the thing is, Jesus doesn’t discern whom deserves it and whom doesn’t. It is there, only thing is whether we acknowledge it and make the best of it. For us Catholics, the youths around 16 years old undergo the Sacrament of Confirmation (or for adult converts like me, we had it at our baptism) where they are filled with the Holy Spirit.

However, one can be such a pious Christian who can do no wrong and yet, that person could actually be his own human, robotic, ritualistic person and not one filled with the Holy Spirit. I have met some of the most “un-Christian” people and yet, they possessed so much of the good sides of Christ, I am in awe. And there are those who claimed to be 100% thoroughbred Cat-holics LOL who just freak me out with their undertones of hate, revenge, expectation of God’s paying them for their good deeds and their small heart-ednes.

So, yes, thank you Lord for the comfort, strength, wisdom and love of the Holy Spirit. Though I failed to complete the 9-day Novena prayers due to family and work commitment, I know You have answered some of my petitions.

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  1. Yalor. My MIL hor, still holding certain grudges for 10-20 years. Better invest the ‘strength’ to live life. Tidak apa attitude still the best lah. Care free.

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