Word of Wisdom from 5xmom – Men are rule by their dicks

LOL, I didn’t cheat on the quiz. I really get 100% correct answers. There are 15 questions and I got them all correct.

Lilian completed the quiz “How Well do you know Men?” with the result Excellent!! (100%).

Fantastic!! You really do know men pretty Well!! Either you’re a master at what men really want or you’ve blatantly cheated! Or you might just be a man trying to find out if this quiz is authentic enough! whatever it is, Congratulations, you’re an Expert on that pathetic species called “Man”.

And this is what I put on my Facebook status :

LOL, women, try to beat my score. Damn…am I born a man, or what? (tips for other females taking the quiz. Men are rule by their dicks. Period)

I am pretty busy. So sorry I cannot answer all the comments. Been away most of the day with no internet access (cos it is bad moral to surf the net when the youths cannot even SMS mah).

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