Penang DCM1 – Help Penanti before helping Penang, please

The other day, when we were in Penanti, I have a shock of my life to see the house flies buzzing. They are all over the place and while the interview with Nai Khan Ari was going on, I can see the flies crowding on his feet.

Nai Khan Ari was running as an independent candidate and he was a former Gerakan youth leader. He shared that many houses in Penanti are without tap water. It is such a shame. What was Barisan doing there? Was the former DCM 1, Fairus aware of these situations?

The video is shot and interviewed by Mkini’s videographer/editor using my Canon FS100. The audio was a bit messed up because the wireless mike we are using is very sensitive and when the subject moves, the friction on the shirt will give the noise.

So, congratulations to the new Penang DCM1 Mansor. We citizen journalists are going to c.c. email to you really soon. And please first extend your help to the villagers in Penanti, many of them are of Thai descendants. Nai Khan Ari has many good points in the above interview.