The above beautiful french toasts are made by the teens at the church camp they are attending. The youths are given eggs, sausages, bread and baked beans and they have to prepare their own breakfast.

I heard that some of the girls don’t even know how to knock an egg. I wasn’t there because I was attending class. However, they have learned today. Yet, I notice that most of the cooking was done by the guys. One guy was damn cool, man. He cooks and the girls crowded around him, waiting for foods. So, guys, go be a chef if you want to get the chicks.


Here is another group of guys making french toast, sausage omelet, sunny side up and everything they can think of using eggs and sausages.

But you know what? Some girls are smart. All they need is a sweet smile, a manja voice and ‘I want that toasssstttttt’ and they don’t need to get themselves oily or smell of eggs. (right, mel? 🙂 )

Overall, it is nice to see the kids mingling together, serving each other foods they cooked and having fun. Usually, in our class (I am helping in the Form One catechism class), the boys and girls refused to mix but after this camp, they are friends already.


Tonight is the closing and parents are invited for a dinner. Initially, we thought of getting the youths to cook for their parents but due to time constraints, a few parents and I will prepare the dinner. I am making potato salad (with raisins, sweet corn kernels, fuji apple, green apple and mayo) plus making a macaroni dish.


Ten packets of pasta, 3 kg of potatos, 20 apples, three roasted chicken (which I am tearing and putting in the pasta), bell peppers, onions, dill, etc etc…. I am supposed to get the two dishes ready by about 5 + pm. I don’t know how long I need to get all the 10 packets of pasta to cook but hey, I am the 5xmom, semua pun boleh….Let me go take a nap first before I cook.

Moral of the story : Moms, teach your sons to cook. They belong to the kitchen. The world has changed.