I hate re-runs, ok?

You know hor? Some mothers like to put their kids through the mental torture of listening to re-runs. But as kids, I think we know how to turn off the channel.

Yet, I am not talking about re-runs from our mothers. With mothers, we have to gwai-gwai, diam-diam and listen.

But let’s say it is from colleagues, friends, acquaintances, total morons and idiots, don’t you just wish you can tell them to just shut the fark up?

Have you meet people who very often forget that they have told you about the time they went for knee surgery or something boring like that and they start the story all over again, and again, and again? Then, being nice people that I am, YES, I AM VERY NICE OKAY, I don’t have the nerve to remind them, “HOI, shaddap lah, I heard that a thousand times already lah!” So, I sit there and nod and nod and nod like I have heard it for the first time.

Really lah, this world is full of those who loves to wallow on the shit they have shitted and they can go on and on and on about the same shit. Khi ciak sai lah.

People, get a life lah. If you are female, go get some menopausal help. If you are male, ever heard of andropause? That’s when your male hormones dipped and you started to behave like some chao lau ee who cannot make up his mind whether to buy purple brinjal or terung putih. Niamah!

If I want re-runs, I will go buy DVD and watch some Bollywood or Hongkie dramas.

Oh ya, that goes for people who leaves comment just for the sake of leaving comments. Yawnn….


Also to note : Today, I was driving my #2 and #5 to church. So, lately our lame radio stations are coming up with all those local rap to promote tourism lah, promote dunno what rubbish lah…So, I was talking to #2 son.

“You know what? Lately, all those advertisements are using this rap style in BM to promote things. But unfortunately, I cannot hear what they are selling through the rap.”

So happened the car stopped at the traffic light. So, I opened the bottle of water and poured into my mouth. And my son replied so cool and casual, selamba aje, “What rap? Crap got lah.”

I found that so utterly funny and had a hard time trying not to let the water shoots through my nose. Crap indeed.

9 thoughts on “I hate re-runs, ok?

  1. Talking about the tourism rap song. At first, I can’t catch up and I thought just normal rap. Later I knew it is about tourism. I’m not sure what the purpose of using rap to promote tourism. Is it for youngster?

  2. Got salary one ar?

    If I qualify, email me the login info lor. *evil laughs*

  3. lol…i’ve also got a friend who’s like a tape recorder, repeating her stale stories over and over again…maybe to her, the experiences are significant, yet to us who could not get into her shoes due to different foot sizes,we could only see her shoes from afar but could not feel the comfort or discomfort inside…

    as for the local rap thing, i agree it’s all crap!! annoying as well….

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  4. Yes, parent’s re-runs are excusable .. cos’ parents do not like repeating their words as much as children hate listening to them. As long as children are showing signs that they are not getting their parent’s message right, it has to be repeated. It’s natural justice that ‘ngan pei'(stubborn) children deserve ‘cheong hei’ (long winded)parents hor? hahaha!

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  5. 9pek9bo – I suppose you, like me, have the masters in nagging lor, hor? Die…now I wonder if I have missed replying any mails of yours? Been so busy. Wei, you wanna take the course ah? Nay, the Malaysiakini one? Got next intake soon. Come lah….my e-korkor…

    fleur-de-lis – Why hor, some people like you immediately can connect with what I wrote and some just die die dun geddit?

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