Here I am…at 6 o’clock in the morning

“Where is my idiot card?”

This is what happens when you fall asleep midway of doing something.

So, at 6 o’clock in the morning, I straggled to the son’s room to get my printed idiot cards. Only he has the printer. Poor mother has to email whatever needs to be printed to the son, beg him to print and then, walk over to pick it up.

I know we can configure our computers to the printer but I am too lazy to meddle with that so I live with email and then, walk over.

“HAHAHAHAH, Mohawk!”

“Huh? Who? Where?”

“Go look at yourself in the mirror lah, ma.”

“No need. I know how I look like.”

So, I got my idiot cards.

What is idiot card, you may ask.

Idiots need idiot cards. That’s all.

Wuah, the deadline to pass up my last paper is tomorrow. But I haven’t complete it yet because I am way too tired. Fr Huan is not going to give me extra 3 marks. Sad.

On Friday, I thought it is a smart idea to bring two younger boys to the mall for a movie and shopping.

Nay, that is Bro. Paul’s idea of spending quality time with the kids lor. Bro. Paul said, “Try to spend time with them individually….Talk to them…”

So, I thought, “Hey, why not bring the middle child #3 out while his little brother tags along.”

Norr…it was a bad idea. Before they even got into the car, the #3 already irked the #5. The moment they got into the car, the #3 irked the #5 even more. They fought over where the aircond should blow…Then, Gingee started kicking my head while I was driving. Imagine soft toys flying around, blocking your views.

Before I even get out to the main road on Scotland Road…


So, peace on earth….for the ride.

We reached Gurney Plaza and wanted to go for Seoul Garden bbq and steamboat. It is the boys’ day out so I let them choose. But they have increased their prices because it is over 4.30 pm. So, we went next door to some Taiwan restaurant with no English sign.

I was sooo hungry because the only other food I had was a bowl of koay teow thng in the morning. So, we ordered. #5 loved his drunken chicken rice so much. #3 spilled his drinks. And the temperature in #5xmom was rising…Of course, I left out many incriminating details here…

So, no movie for them. I have enough. We went shopping at Cold Storage and for RM93, we got only two small bags of groceries. Mostly Japanese stuffs and chocolates we cannot find in other supermarkets. And the darn mayonnaise price have increased from RM12 plus to almost RM16 and I can only find the brand (the baby brand) only at Cold Storage. My #5 only wants this mayo and not other types.

Heh, I love dragging my readers from topic to topic until they go crazy, wondering what the hell they are reading…and yet, they read.

Have a good weekend to you all! It is time for work!

To the clueless readers, there are five topics up there….
and they are :
1) idiot card
2) waking up in the morning
3) kids fighting
4) too tired and too busy to complete my course assignment
5) price increase

Doh…I am tired of people commenting out of context mah…

8 thoughts on “Here I am…at 6 o’clock in the morning

  1. Please, may I please ask what is printed on the idiot card? I think I may also need to print some idiot cards for some idiots out there but I don’t know what to print on the idiot cards. Please help. TIA.

  2. Haha ..u juz made life easier for me ..

    I m going to comment out of context …:P

    Donno if u know but Ros has juz delivered her fifth baby this morning …

    btw .. dulu I and Lan always kena the ” if u don’t keep quite …get down now threat” my parents ..Mom especially …

    .. and Amira oso loves the “Japanese Mayo” as opposed to “biasa” …so mengada2 …

  3. Hey Lilian, I think Jusco oso got sell the baby brand mayonaise. Maybe it’s not baby brand, but tis definitely the same type, at lesser price!

  4. I think the baby brand mayo is the a bit yellowish color one… I think you can get those in Sunshine also.. they are expensive because it is suppose import from Japan, but in Japan they are cheap… they even come in ultra small bottle like the Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo size… but here in Malaysia they fleece you by having the big size… but leh in Japan they even have the super duper Jumbo size.. “think smaller than 1.25 lt soft drink bottle”

    Finding Me´s last blog post..Long time ….

  5. Eh, go try Meijiya again and see. Maybe they have it for cheaper. Or that store beside the dentist one.

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