No lah, I am not rubbing salt on the spinsters, single girls, single by choice or unmarried females lah.

I just wanna express how I enjoy having a walking atm who provides me money. If the spinsters, single girls, single by choice or unmarried females feel pissed with me for stating the obvious, sorry lah. What can I do wor….you also go find a man lah. Man, though can be frustrating sometimes, also can provide lots of shopping money, sex, legally and a warm body to hug at night.

So, this post is not about how spinsters, single girls, single by choice or unmarried females missed out on some of the fun in life. Don’t get angry with me lah.

Ok, I stop digressing. Now, the real post.

(Song of the moment : Air Supply – Here I am….the atm)

So, you see, today my sons all don’t want to go out in the evening. Hubby wanted to get me a pair of Clarks. (don’t tell him but I hate any of those comfy shoes, ok?) So, we went phaktoring lor.

We went to Metrojaya because the design I wanted (‘cos it is the least si peh fugly design) wasn’t available in Clarks in Queensbay. And in Metrojaya, they only have size 7 and 8. I wear only size 6. Hmmm…they say, more feet, more meat. (kids, you are not suppose to repeat what I said ok? Later your mommy and daddy slaps you, ok?) I wonder if the shoe size of the woman indicates anything like that ah? No hor?

But hubby was trying to get me to buy another pair which costs RM258. Two hundred farking fifty eight ringgit for one piece of fugly thing like that! Of course, I don’t tell him his wife doesn’t fancy the shoe lah. So, I told him, not really pretty on my ugly feet lor. I told him I will look around.

And several minutes later…..

I bought two pairs of heels
and one pair of much comfier sandal which costs RM132.

So, I told hubby, “See, darling (of course I don’t call him darling anymore lah) I saved you so much money. For the same kind of sandal, it costs only RM132. And these two pairs of heels all 80% (discount – Rotelli brand.) I saved you RM40 and got myself three pairs. I so clever, right?”

Men. They are so easy to con. They never notice I hardly wear the heels I bought, only wear my beach slippers most of the time because I was too lazy to take my shoes out of their boxes or the men I am with are usually shorter than me, so not nice to make them feel even shorter, right?

So, why is it nice to be married?

Cos :

1) You get free shopping
2) You get free meals
3) You get to produce babies to play with
4) You get sex on demand
5) It is legal, of course
6) You get a free car mechanic
7) You get a free teddy bear which gives the right warm temperature
8 ) You get someone to pay the rent, electricity bills, phone bills
9) You get someone to pump petrol for your car
10) You get someone to bank in money to your bank account
11) You get someone to buy you house, car and all the expensive stuffs
12) You tell me…