Can I synchronize an iMac and a Vista?

One of these days, I will go mad.

I work from both iMac and Vista. The iMac is the desktop running Macintosh and the Vista is my Acer laptop. I have different softwares and I do different things from the two machines.

So, I have never really explore if I can synchronize them? Now, I have to slide from desk to desk to get my things done. If I am home, it is ok because they are in the same room. But I really have to remember what to copy from my iMac to my Vista everytime I take the laptop out.

Techies, any good suggestion?

4 thoughts on “Can I synchronize an iMac and a Vista?

  1. Hi Lilian,

    U can try using a pocket harddisk to store all your documents. Make sure u format it using FAT32 as Mac & Windows can read & write on FAT32 partition. This way u can share your doc between mac & win.

  2. Hi Lilian,

    yup as JL said u can carry External Hard drive or portable hard drive.

    the reason why need to be formatted as FAT32 is because mac only read and write on FAT32… even though mac can read NTFS but you cannot write anything on it.

    once you format the external hard drive as FAT 32 you can exchange document and work on them either on mac or windows.

    Sugarsync is a good tools for online backup but this only work with internet access. if the place you going do not have internet you will never able to download your document. and said wongsk said the free plan only provide 2GB of space

    If you have any plan to store your document as backup plan. Use this

    This site giving 50 GB of free space for FREE!

    PS: The max upload per session is 1GB. there is no limit this this feature and i been using for 1 year plus.

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