I have enough of stupid morons who try to act smart

You will be surprise who reads your blog. I am. I was.

So, on the net, we have these bunch of stupid morons who think they can be better Chief Minister, Prime Minister and some even think they can be better than kings. They dish out their unwanted, worthless two cents over and over again.

Of course, sometimes, I can be very defensive of the people whom they dissed. For e.g. there is this chap who looks decently smart to me by the way he expresses his views and the kind of English he used on his blog. It’s a Chinese guy. Just in case people get some mistaken identity.

But this moron has to connect every freaking problems the country, state, people, beggars faced with the Chief Minister. Every farking problem, he will find excuse to say Lim Guan Eng is not doing this, not doing that, not knowing this, not knowing that. Come on lah, doesn’t this chap got a life of his own? He not only makes short comments but lengthy philosophical stuffs like he is the smartest ass in the universe. It is like he got a radar in his head and whenever any blogger says anything not so positive about the state or about Pakatan Rakyat or Lim Guan Eng, he will home in and start babbling. Childish, man. Even as a woman, I know some blogger is back-stabbing me, I also don’t bother to pick a fight with them. But this so-called man, amboi…hari-hari got problems with Lim Guan Eng. So clever, go start your own political party and be the CM one day lah. Tok kok so much for what lah.

Then, there is this emotional singh who said I am being emotional when I taruh him on my blog. He also sama pangsa. Also jump up and down defending his causes. Aiyor…Be realistic a bit lah. (read comment #12 on this post. Lucky I farked him off after three comments. Phew…I can’t stand people like that.)

And there are those who are chronic commentors. Chronic because they use the same nickname and their nickname is very telling of who they are. They don’t blog. But they use some blogs (not mine cos to them, my blog is rubbish and a shame to them) and give their two cents. The best thing comes when the very people they dissed, read what they wrote. And I bet they don’t even know that these people do lurk around blogs to get the real picture and real colour of their people.

Yesterday, I was so shocked when someone told me he has read all the good and the bad on blogs and he came to his own conclusion based on what he had read. Trust me…..it is never smart to burn bridges.

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  1. “So clever, go start your own political party and be the CM one day lah. Tok kok so much for what lah.” No supporter lah!!! Deposit also cannot recover lah!!! LOL!!! WTF!!

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