Johnson’s Baby Powder “JOM MAIN” Family Day

The message was ‘Get your child to play, sweat and have fun”. And that’s exactly what parents and kids did at Johnson’s Baby Powder ‘Jom Main! Family Day’.

I am glad that more and more corporate companies are beginning to be aware of the importance of getting our children to play, have fun and exercise. Johnson’s baby powder recognised that our children in this modern age are getting sedentary which will lead to obesity if we are not careful.
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That’s why Johnson’s Baby Powder organised this event for both parents and kids to get physical. Basically, everyone had fun, running free and participated in the games and other activities organised that morning.

Other than advocating play for kids’ benefit, I was wondering what the Johnson’s baby powder product has got to do with play. It was interesting to note from the product brochure that powder actually absorbs sweat from the skin, when children are active during play. And it is recommended to moms to not allow sweat to stay on kids skin for too long as it smells, makes the child feel uncomfortable and may even cause rashes or aggravate health condition like coughs and cold.

Being a parent myself, I know the best way to get my boys to sleep and relax at night is to get them to work themselves out in the field, pool or playground. There is nothing like a good workout and then, reward them with the soothing Johnson’s baby bath at the end of the day. After that, they usually have a good night sleep.
johnson's jom main

Kids also learn through play and they gain a lot of confidence from such rough and tumble games. Beside this, they also learn to be more social, making friends and learning to be independent.

Johnson’s baby powder has taken a step further and introduced an online portal for parents at

Parents can log on and get lots of ideas on fun activities they can have with their children. There are lots of tips for parents and advices from the experts. I like their suggestion of having spontaneous play time as there is nothing like a surprise outing to the park or a water gun fight in the garden. Kids always love these sort of unplanned games and play and I am sure parents will not run out of ideas with the tips provided by the site.

I hope parents who went to the event can share what they had enjoyed at ‘Jom Main! Family Day’ by Johnson’s baby powder.

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