This is the follow-up from my old-old post dated Nov 2007 and another rant in March 2008. Since then, the piece of shit has borrowed RM10K. That old post is password protected and the password is the colour which I used to like. My previous blog theme was …. in colour?

And that’s not the end of the story. He has borrowed from Ah Longs and now, he in deeper shits and need his poor siblings to bail him out. If it is from my husband only, not so bad. But this tahi borrows from other siblings who had to toil hard, work till their back bones break kind of labour jobs. At least my hubby earn that money sitting in aircond office mah. Niamah, I am so pissed now I don’t care if he reads this.

What kind of shit cannot manage his own finance at 50 years old? Knowing Ah Long charges 8% interest, he went and borrow. And now, wants his siblings to help him out. And now, my hubby has to buy him a second hand Kancil. Another sibling has to pay for something else. Those money from the siblings are their blood, sweat and tears, fuck you.

Sons, if one day I have kicked the bucket and one of you ended up this way…Please tell him to eat his own shits. If he has no money to own a car, tell him to go and take a bus. If he says his wife will leave him, tell him go fug a goat. If he says Ah Longs are going to chop him up, please remind the Ah Longs to dispose off the 18 pieces so that you all don’t have to pay for coffin.

It is not so much the money. It is the kind of irresponsible behaviour that totally makes me ballastic. One year ago, we have fully explained that he needs to consolidate his losses, sell off his condo, sell off his luxury car, clear his debts but no…..he carried on living like some rich, successful taukey. Pthooi! So, I am telling you boys (my sons lah) that you have to be responsible for your own behaviour. Living on debts, using other people’s backside skin to make your facial skin (like how Ah Mah taught me, mai eong lai eh kah chooi phui lai cho bin phui) is just downright fucking irresponsible.

I wouldn’t want to know about these shits and no one tells me either. So, if I find out somehow, it is my own fucking business to air the dirty laundry for all to see.