A peeved Patrick and a paranoid authority

Initially, I thought it was a joke. So, I didn’t give much attention to the issue until Lim Kit Siang put it on his Twitter, blogged it and followed by Nat Tan. The Star also reported.

Stupid meh? Like this also cannot, like that also cannot, think we are kids ah? And the sad thing is the department that made the raid has the authority. So, if I wear such t-shirt, what can they do to me leh? I really wish to make the same video like the above but use the song ‘You can’t touch this’.

Gone case lah…Haih…

8 thoughts on “A peeved Patrick and a paranoid authority

  1. Ahyo…ahyoo ahyooo ahyooooo!! Macam nih mana boleh!

    “When I asked for guidelines on what can or cannot be used, they can’t tell me. It means that they can just walk into any shop, interpret what they see fit and take the products away.” – quoted from The Star

    Ini pemikiran bebas, kreatifnya. Liddat I also can think something out of the above quote lah.

    *plays Ironic by Alanis Morissette*

  2. Stupid la this authorities!Ini pun mau tangkap! Baju pun mau confiscate! Tak ada keje lain ke? Dok makan angin kat shopping kompleks dan bazar-bazar, sambil confiscate this confiscate that sesuka hati…. but the snatch thief sedang bermaharajalela merata-rata!!!!

    Eh! Hello!!!!Please la can the so call kerajaan do something about the snatch thief issue rather than going around robbing Ooopss! I mean confiscate T- shirts from shops around Malaysia???

  3. 9pek9bo – Don’t know, don’t care. But wei, e-korkor, you got wear that Aladdin pants before ah? *LOL till falls off chair.*

  4. Omg, this is so ridiculous. What is their source of power that allow them to make the raid? They can now do whatever they want even though there is no such law in the country. Sighh…

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