I edited this video a while back but I think I only submitted to Malaysiakini and never shared them on my blog. I really enjoyed filming and editing this video because of the local touch in the whole documentary.

My earlier version was without narration because I hate my own voice. So, the one that was published by Malaysiakini has only words against a black background. Shuf of Malaysiakini reminded us that most people watched malaysiakini.tv videos on their mobile phones and hence, they won’t be able to read what was written. The video is mostly in Hokkien so I need to translate/narrate/voiceover to get others who don’t understand Hokkien to know what they are saying.

So, whether I like or hate or detest my own voice, I gotta use it. Someone who met me just a few times immediately recognise that voice (with Bro Paul) is mine because she said it is very distinctive. Sigh…I guess no one has the voice like the 5xmom, huh?