If you don’t keep quiet, I blog this..

I have been glued to the computer today because I am trying to solve some WordPress errors on one of the site I help to administer. So, the only food I ate was a packet of Cintan mee with some tambah lauk in the morning.

By 8 pm I was so hungry, I am about to pengsan ledi. So, I phoned the hubby, “Harlowww….what time already? I hungry lah. When you come back?” (usually he gets home by 7 pm) Then only I found out that man has told me few days ago, he is going to KL today. Doh…

So, I shepherd the #2 and #5 into the car for dinner. Bueh tahan ledi…so hungry you know…And aiyorrr…dah lah hungry, dah lah si peh pek chek because I cannot figure out why I keep getting syntax and parsing error although I have upgraded all plugins and WP 2.7.1 (WP 2.8 is coming out, more work again) and sitting the whole day until my butt also numb already…..

that backseat driver pulak nags me. Nag nag nag nag nag nag…

I also don’t know who is the mother and who is the son. He said my driving very ‘char’. Asked me why I can’t drive like his father.

“Niamah, you go check my track record with JPJ and the traffic police and see? Clean one…ok? Not like your father. Got 7-cars pile up on the Penang bridge lah, knock one old lady into a rubber estate drain lah, don’t know how many times butt kiss lah… I totally 100% clean one, ok? Praise the Lord, of course.”

He answered, “Chey..that’s because when every driver sees you, they faster run away from your path. So, mah safe lor. Nah, nah, nah…the road is so wide, got three lanes, why lah you must go turn so chiap-chiap into one lane leh?”

“Haiyor…this is call following the rules. We must follow the traffic rules, cannot simply assume the road got no cars, simply hentam into any lanes.”

“Ammah…that one is a one way street, no other cars can come into these three lanes, what are you avoiding lah. Just cut into the right lane (from the left) mah can lor.”

“Noo…cannot….what if one crazy driver that cut in from somewhere?”

“Aiyah..Ma, just admit it lah…..your driving sucks, ok?”

“HOI, just because you can now ride a bike, lansi with me lah? Wait till you drive, I am so gonna nag nag nag nag nag nag you back. Just you wait.”

He replied, “No way…I am going to drive like your husband, you only have time to cling to the seat and grit your teeth. No time for you to nag also.”

So, I told him, “Nag somemore, I am going to blog about this. Let your friends all read about the backseat driver that drives me nuts.”

(and he saw me typing this and said I must pay him royalty for using him as my blogging topic)

13 thoughts on “If you don’t keep quiet, I blog this..

  1. suatengboy – LOL, my blog very kesian, you can always be first, second and last also no one kacau. I so pathetic…..*cries*

  2. you are doing a great job with the blog and citizen journalism thingy. keep it up. Yeah, I’m third!!

  3. aiyor, lilian…you scold your son Niamah pulak. so you refer back to yourself la ;P

  4. Alvin – Niamah is just an expression mah. I biasa dah….They will say, “See? See? you are scolding yourself lah, mak oi.”

    #2 – Ok lah, lunch for you as royalty.

  5. Lilian, I love reading your blog. It’s so original, not fake-fake and put on, it seems so you – no airs and graces. So many people want to be someone (or something) they are not – so this blog is refreshing! Not reading cos kesian la, heh, heh. Keep up the great work. Love it, love it, love it! Plus, I miss Malaysian English SO, SO much!

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