Life is about the ability to see the big picture

I received a message that there is a class by Fr Huan on mind mapping. I was reluctant to attend and didn’t set my alarm clock. However, I woke at 8.30 am and managed to get there on time. Fr Huan is travelling back to Singapore but Fr GT may have wrangled an extra class out of Fr Huan at the last minute before he leaves.

Actually, I wasn’t keen to see Fr Huan again so soon after I poured out all the peevees, all the bad points and all the bad characteristics of myself in my assignment papers. It is probably one of my best confession except that Fr Huan didn’t tell me to go recite 10 decades of Hail Mary, absolved me of my sins but instead, praised me for the truthful answers and how I can connect Erik Eriksson’s theories with how I lived my life from childhood to mid-life. Yes, 35 years and above is categorised as mid-life.

I am quite a marvel considering that I had to compact everything into two pages, double spacing, Times New Roman 12 pts font and still managed to accomplished the task of illustrating Erik Eriksson’s 8-stages of the human development.

Anyway, during the mind mapping class, Fr Huan was more on teaching the seminarians (college students studying to be Catholic priests) on study skills. He said it is a gift if one can sees things in the big picture. I know I am gifted in that sense because I usually see the big picture in most of the things I see or live. So, I am glad that I drove to CG for the free lesson on mind mapping and came back knowing that God has been kind to me.

Many people tend to live in their little dark, miserable world and never look forward to the big picture. A lot of women do that especially. It is very unhealthy to just go from one day to another without actually having a vision of what you are going to be one day.

When I was young, driving a small secondhand Nissan March, I would look at the new Proton Saga car in the next lane and know that someday, I will drive a bigger car. When I see young mothers with their babies, I know that I will someday be a mother too. Now, at my age, when I see women in their 60s and 70s who have enjoyable lives, going places and doing things, I know that it is the kind of life I am going to look forward to.

Of course, there is a difference between day dreaming and making realistic plans. One of the things that I have often blogged in my Christian Journey is how I tend to appreciate Jesus’s little promptings that whatever meaningless things I do now will somehow fit into a bigger jigsaw puzzle. I know I do a lot of stupid stuffs, mundane things, unappreciative things, no-money work and such but I can see how each of them will somehow fit into a bigger picture someday.

So, for my friends who are going through the mess of divorces, see the big picture. Life is probably happier without the cheat. Someday, you will look back and feel glad that you managed to stand on your own two feet and survived with your two bare hands. So long as you trust that Jesus knows the kind of pains you are going through now and will show you the big picture He has for you one day. (errm..I am not sure why this last para comes in but two of my blog readers who are Catholics are going through divorces and they just popped into my mind as I am writing this)

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  1. I like this phrase: Many people tend to live in their little dark, miserable world and never look forward to the big picture.

    I do feel the same thing. Sometime we don’t want to look at big picture. Why? Because we are afraid. Afraid our own shadow. Looking at the big picture do help to understand well of the root of certain issue or matter.

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